Guest Star: "They Are Really Sanctioned By Ice Cube & He Was Really Involved W/ The Whole Project"

Wednesday, Sep 7, 2011 12:20PM

Written by SOHH for Mark Sgarbossa

[After recently giving his Top 5 reasons to purchase his customized Ice Cube artwork, RareInk painter Mark Sgarbossa reflects on drawing out the West Coast rap veteran's vision.]

I wasn't in contact with [Ice Cube, as the project came together]. I'm not really sure how much input Cube had with RareInk. I think Cube pretty much came forward and said, "Go for it."

Now of course, he has final kill on anything he didn't like. But I think over at RareInk, they were maybe editing stuff before they showed him the best [product]. So as far as that, I'm not really sure how much input he had. In a situation like that, maybe it's best that you don't.

It's like if somebody is going to be doing a remix of your song, maybe you don't want to be standing over their shoulder. You want to hear what they come out with and [see if it enhances the original]. That's what I think happened with some of this artwork.

As far as meeting him, it's funny because he's in Los Angeles and I'm in San Diego. There was [a gathering] in Los Angeles, at a beautiful place, where they shoot photos for Vogue magazine, it was a beautiful studio. He had all of these posters he had to sign and he had his hands dipped in paint, putting them on prints. So I met him pretty briefly and we were introduced.

He's a very nice guy. We snapped a couple pictures and we talked a little bit about doing the "It Was A Good Day" piece that I did. He pulled me over and told me he personally really loved that one. So that was really nice to hear from the man.

This [RareInk limited edition series] has been getting a lot of promotion and media attention. I wish I could talk about the sales because I love to know how I do compared to other people but they are very limited edition. There's a hundred of each. I don't know for certain, but they could easily be sold out. So for anyone looking to buy one, I would recommend getting on [] fairly quick.

The value of this is that it's a very limited run and they are really sanctioned by Cube and he was really involved with the whole project. They even brought the prices down to make them more affordable for everybody.

I'm really happy because I've worked with a lot of punk rock and indie bands and [and] it was nice to be a part of something that was from my history, [someone] I respect. To see people out there wanting this because it's beautiful always makes an artist happy. So I think it's going well and I think it's a really unique thing. You [can] get memorbilia like a concert poster or backstage pass, but this is really specifically a piece of art that's fully sanctioned [by the artist]. You can't really find something to compare it to.

Mark Sgarbossa has designed for Tony Hawk Clothing, Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam Tours, K2 Snowboards, Relativity Records, Olin Skis, Swag/Prom Outerwear, The Official Johnny Cash web site, Rossignol, Warp Magazine, Virgin Records/Astralwerks, Snowboarder Magazine amongst many others.

Check out Ice Cube & Mark Sgarbossa below:

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