"Scarface Once Said He Was One Of His Favorites"

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Underrated: "Scarface Once Said He Was One Of His Favorites"

Thursday, Sep 29, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Cormega

[Mega Man: This week, SOHH celebrates the release of Cormega's new Raw Forever compilation release by featuring artists who boast a connection or maintain appreciation for the ex-Firm member. After the Cool Kids gave Corey the title earlier this week, Cormega comes through and crowns Kool G Rap SOHH Underrated.]

Kool G. Rap (SOHH Underrated)

Rap is the only genre where people don't care about their history. They're so worried about what's poppin now as opposed to who pioneered something. If you speak to 100 people, I guarantee none of them - maybe one - will say T La Rock. Listen to a song like "It's Yours". Look at the date and the timeline of when he was rappin' like that; other rappers at that time were rappin about eating chicken and collard greens. [T La Rock] was the first complex rapper that I studied. He's more underrated than Kool G. Rap because at least rappers acknowledge G. Rap.

[However], G. Rap is still my most underrated rapper overall because of his body of work. His creativity spawned a whole new generation of rap. If you take Kool G. rap out of history, then you gonna be taking out a lot of rappers that were inspired by him. Big Punisher, one of our greats, said Kool G. Rap was his number one influence. AZ, myself, a lot of rappers from Queensbridge; Scarface once said Kool G. Rap was one of his favorites.

In one of Jay-Z's raps he said, "Hearin' me rap is like hearin' G. Rap in his prime." That's a hell of a statement. [Kool G Rap] will get on a track right now with whoever you think is dope and be just as good as them, if not outshine them. If you wanna listen to a sheer exhibition of lyricism, listen to "Men At Work"; there's never been a record like it and there probably never will be again.

Alotta younger fans and artists don't really know what they missed.

Cormega is a rap artist from Queens, New York. Previously associated with acts such as Nas and Mobb Deep, his 2001 debut album "The Realness" was met with critical acclaim. His latest album, Raw Forever, was released this week. 

Check out some of Kool G. Rap's music below:


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