News: Rick Ross Threatens Kreayshawn, "Dirty B*tch, I'll Pay $50K To Mess Up Your Whole Week"

Monday, Sep 12, 2011 1:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Tensions between rap rivals Rick Ross and newcomer Kreayshawn continue to flare, as the "Boss" has finally touched on the "Gucci Gucci" rapper's recent disses toward him.

In an excerpt from an October 2011 XXL Magazine Rick Ross feature, he threatens the 21-year-old entertainer.

He even threatens Kreayshawn, the fledgling Bay Area rapper who called Ross "fake" in a recent freestyle. "I can't wait to slap the sh*t out of whoever carries her bags," he sneers. "And I hope it's her n*gga. Dirty b*tch. You better know the f*ck you talking about. I'll pay 50K to mess up your whole week." (Karen Civil)

Last month, Kreayshawn addressed the brief encounter between her manager and Ross' entourage at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

Minutes after Kreayshawn's manager Stretch got into a tiff with a member from Rick Ross' camp on the 2011 MTV VMAs black carpet, spoke with the Oakland rapper on the matter. "Yeah I don't know, man. It's just gang violence," Kreayshawn told "All that gang stuff I'm not a part of that." Kreayshawn kept her "cool" when hosting the VMAs pre-show until LMFAO came her way. "LMFAO came and they shot this party popper in the air and I thought Rick Ross shot me in the back," Kreayshawn said. (Billboard)

Footage of the standoff emerged online in late August.

Well, at last night's MTV VMAs, Rick Ross and his whole camp were on hand and it doesn't seem like they took Kreayshawn's disses too lightly. In the video, people from both camps get into a bit of a confrontation, with the tiny Kreayshawn stuck smack dab in the middle! The Cali rapper, who was nominated for Best New Artist, tries narrating, mic in hand and Ricky Rozay stays totally out of it, but things get heated for a minute there! (Global Grind)

After denying a recent freestyle diss was intentionally aimed at the Boss, Kreay proceeded to taunt him during a live Ustream broadcast days later.

"I really wanted to say, wait no, what I really wanted to say is Rick Ross 'is' fake," Kreayshawn said during a Ustream withfriends. "I bet you five dollars Rick Ross can't find his d*ck. Like he gave up [looking]. I would [stay with my shirt off] too. He probably hot. He'll be like, 'Shut up Kreayshawn, I got bigger t*tties than you. Ugh! My left t*tty weigh more than your thigh.'" (Ustream)

Check out Kreayshawn speaking on Rick Ross below:

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