"One Day Tupac Said, 'We're All Gonna Have Aliases, My Name Is Gonna Be Makaveli' "

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Guest Star: "One Day Tupac Said, 'We're All Gonna Have Aliases, My Name Is Gonna Be Makaveli' "

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011 11:00PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Kurupt

[Fresh off the release of his compilation LP The Academy, Kurupt reflects on the influence Tupac Shakur had on his career as well as the personal relationship the two shared in the final days leading up to his untimely death.]

What people don't know is that, me, Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger knew Tupac before we came to Death Row. We knew Pac before Poetic Justice [was released in 1993], but before I knew Pac personally, I knew his work. And Tupac -- I'm sorry my ni**a -- but ever since Digital Underground he's always been my favorite. It isn't because he's gone, either. His rhymes just [outdid] everybody's. I remember the track "Same Song", that was the first record that he ever really got to shine on.

'Pac is only a year older than me, but the first time I heard that I was like, "Damn! Who the f*ck is this guy?! I wanna be like this guy."

That's how I felt about Pac and that's how I felt about The Notorious B.I.G., as well. Their records were so influential to me. So when I did get in the game, and more records came out from 'Pac and B.I.G., my dream was to be like both those guys.

The last time I saw 'Pac before he passed was a couple days before they went to Vegas. We were in the studio and chopped it up. There was alot going on back then. We just talked. After that, Snoop called the shot and said, "We not going to Vegas [to watch the boxing match]."

So I decided to go and f*ck with E-40 and them. It was me, D-Shot and all of us from The Click. We was posted up there and thats when we saw it on the news that 'Pac had been killed.

One day, Pac said, "We're all gonna have aliases. My name is gonna be Makaveli.My name used to be Kurupt the Kingpin; Tupac was the one who gave me the name Kurupt Young Gotti.

Reminisce upon Tupac Shakur's memory by checking out the track below:


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