News: "It's Nobody Nicer Than Me In New York, I'm The King" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 29, 2011 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Papoose has never been afraid to boast about his lyrical skills, but has now taken the braggadocio a step further by crowing himself as the king of New York hip-hop.

Addressing a recent Tweet where he mentions himself as "the king", Pap said he is the current crown holder of the five boroughs.

"Sometimes people get a little bothered by the truth. More or less, man the reason why I let knowledge be born that I'm the king is because it's time," Papoose explained. "It's 2011 so if you know anything about yourself then you know that's the year of the king...I'mma start off by saying that it's nobody nicer than me in New York. I'm the king of New York. I couldn't give less than a fuck how a n*gga feel about it." (Forbez DVD)

Pap continued to support his argument by explaining his drive to make tribute and time sensitive tracks, in comparison to other emcees.

"Just to elaborate on that - these dudes it's the same thing on every record, there's no versatility," Pap added. "You understand what I'm saying? When Sean Bell got shot who stepped up to the plate? It was the voice of the ghetto -- When Hurricane Katrina hit and [former U.S. President] George Bush - and don't say Kanye [West]. Cause Kanye made an outburst but I did it in song format like a real lyricist supposed to do. When Katrina hit and George Bush didn't acknowledge our people over there, who spoke up? Who's teaching all our people in the penitentiary how to beat they cases?" (Forbez DVD)

Earlier this week, Pap spoke on being the Big Apple's king.

"I'm the only king of new york city #king of ny talk," he tweeted September 27th. (Papoose's Twitter)

Last summer, reality star-turned-singer Miss Tila told SOHH she would crown Jay-Z "King of New York" over Nas.

"I have much respect for Nas, he's done a lot for the hip-hop community but I definitely, yeah, I don't think anybody can beat Jay-Z at this point," Tila told SOHH when asked who she views as the King of New York. "Jay-Z's definitely the King of New York. I've been his fan ever since he was just running around with Foxy Brown. I grew up in Houston, Texas [and] I just watched his career grow and grow and he's just a huge mogul. It's very inspiring so I thought, 'Hey, maybe I can move out to New York and follow in his footsteps.'" (SOHH)

Check out Papoose's interview below:

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