Underrated: "He Was The Nas Before Nas Was Even Nas"

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for The Cool Kids

[Mega Man: This week, SOHH celebrates the release of Cormega's new Raw Forever compilation release by featuring artists who boast a connection or maintain appreciation for the ex-Firm member. After Yo Gotti gave Young Jeezy the title last week, The Cool Kids' Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish collectively crown the Queensbridge, rapper as SOHH Underrated.]

Cormega (SOHH Underrated)

The most underrated? D*mn, that's a good question. Since we're talking about rappers, there's a few out there that I could name. I think my man AZ was underrated but he had a good run too. I still don't think he popped as hard as he should have. But for SOHH Underrated, we'd have to say Cormega. -Mikey Rocks

You have to say that Cormega was underrated. [He's] a good example of [an] underrated [artist]. It was everything about him, from his spitting and his flow. If you listen to him, it's his concepts and everything that he was saying, especially with the creativity.

Cormega was Nas' big homie. If you think about it, he was the Nas before Nas was even Nas. "What's going on, where's Cormega?" Nas shouted him out on the first sh*t [Illmatic]. Cormega was already the king of that so he's gotta get named SOHH Underrated. -Chuck Inglish

Part of the mid-2000s hip-hop movement that found kids in all-over prints rapping about their shoes and their favorite forms of transportation (which often weren't cars), the Cool Kids proved to be both an Internet and live show phenomenon. The duo of Mikey Rocks(born Antoine Reed) and Chuck Inglish (or Evan Ingersoll) met in mid-2005 after Mickey came across some of Chuck's beats online and liked what he heard.

Check out Cormega's music below:

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