Guest Star: "I [Still] Make Residual Income Off Of ['The Lion King' Movie]"

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011 5:45PM

Written by J. Bachelor

[With the limited 3-D re-release of the Disney classic The Lion King roaring back in theaters, entertainer Jason Weaver, singing voice of Young Simba, took time to reflect on the impact the experience had on his career and business smarts.

I was the singing voice of Young Simba, I didn't "I Just Can't Wait to be King" and "Hakuna Matata" and I gotta tell you -- its been a blessing to be a part of that project. I was recruited by Elton John and Disney based off of the performance that I gave in The Jacksons mini-series.

They presented this once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved with The Lion King -- and mind you -- when they recruited me, they were in the very beginning stages of animation. Disney had not yet become what it is today. They had a good track record [with] Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast but it had not become the Goliath that it is now.

The Lion King really took them over the top and established them as a powerhouse in Hollywood once again. So to see that film last as long as it has, and 17 years later, there is a new generation of kids that are gonna be introduced to that film now ... I mean man, it's something that I thank God for everyday.

I thank God for Elton John. I thank God for Tim Rice [of Disney]. I thank God for The Lion King because through that, I've been able to see how this business is supposed to go. I make a residual income off of the books that they sell in the stores, the film's re-release, even if they use my voice at the amusement parks ... I get paid off of that. So The Lion King was definitely that project that, at a very young age, opened my eyes. I learned how the money is suppossed to trickle down in the industry, so I don't get blinded by the glitz and glamour.

I'm glad that they decided to bring the movie back out. I hope people enjoy it. I'm actually taking my son this weekend.

Jason Weaver is an actor/singer from Chicago. His film credits include ATL, Drumline, and the singing voice of Young Simba in the Disney Film The Lion King. His latest musical endeavor, a mixtape project under the group name Sons of Bobby Brown will be available soon and will include cameos by Carl Thomas and Bobby Brown himself.

Check out some new music by Jason Weaver below:

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