News: "I Think There Are Several Rappers That Are In The Closet & Gay"

Sunday, Sep 4, 2011 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game recently shared his input on the gay community and admitted while he does not have a problem with gays in general, he does find issues with undisclosed homosexual hip-hop artists.

Game also made sure to point out he fully acknowledges the gay community's widespread impact.

"I think there are several rappers that are in the closet and gay, and see those are the type of gay people that -- the only type of gay people that I have a problem with," Game said in an interview. "I don't have a problem with gay people. Like, Beyonce should've said, 'Who run the world? Gays,' because they're everywhere and rightfully so. Do you. It's a free country. Be gay, you can do that. Game don't have a problem with gay people....Game has a problem with people that are pretending not to be gay and are gay because the number one issue with that is that you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die and so that in the closet sh*t is real scary. So, we've got to get into the real seriousness of it and it's just not fair to other people -- If you gay, just say you gay. Be gay and be proud." (Hot 107.9)

In late July, Game hit up Twitter and denied making anti-gay public remarks.

"I was sad when @thegame said he don't like gay people. I probably was his biggest gay fan. I had his shoes and albums and magazines.," he retweeted. from @COLErockstarr on July 29th.
"@COLErockstarr Never ONCE said i had a problem wit gay people. Yall straight, well maybe not STRAIGHT but u know what the f*ck I mean ha ha"
"be as GAY as you wanna be, just stay on yo side of the street.... but I'M a "P*SSY" man FO LIIIIIFE (Mak-10 voice)"
"@pxsteka H*LL YEAH !!! It get caught between yo teeth sometimes tho (gags) ha ha ha.... But I be eatin p*ssy like God told me to do it." (Game's Twitter)

Summer 2009, rapper N.O.R.E. said he was aware of at least one gay hip-hop artist.

"The gay community is here," Nore said in an interview. "It's not secretive. When you're in the industry and the minute you make a certain amount of money, you cannot avoid it...And the craziest thing in the world is you get used to it...They don't bother you, son, most gay men don't like straight guys...I have recorded, not with people who are openly gay, but people who are closet gays. I've got songs, you know, Google it. I'm positive I have worked with a gay rapper. I didn't know [beforehand] but when I found out, I didn't jump off a diving board into a pool full of sharks. It is what it is...I'm sure my sexuality messing with b*tches does not make them mad...There is [a successful gay rapper out now] and he won't get me to say the name. Once he's a success story to the point where he can't be stopped, then yeah, he's gonna come out the closet...It's not a big secret, everybody is gonna be like, 'Oh yeah, I knew that.'" (Vlad TV)

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon also previously weighed in on gay rappers.

"My mouth is too small to suck a d*ck," Raekwon added. "How the f*ck do you convert over to do some sh*t like that? How do motherf*ckers get into that sh*t? The males? The females, they gonna do what they do. I ain't gonna front, I can't stand f*cking h*mos. That sh*t is just f*cking disgusting. They can never holla at me. Get the f*ck away from me, immediately." (Shade 45)

Check out Raekwon speaking on gay rappers below:

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