Underrated: "I Don't Think I've Ever Heard A Weak Verse From Him"

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Dorrough

[The King Is Back: This week, SOHH allows entertainment personalities to help celebrate T.I.'s return from prison by featuring them naming a TIP collaborator they feel is most underrated. After AKOO Clothing marketing director Jeff Belizaire gave Diddy the title last week, Dallas' Dorrough names T.I.'s "On Top of the World" rhyme partner Ludacris as SOHH Underrated.]

Ludacris (SOHH Underrated)

There's a lot of artists you could name for SOHH Underrated but when you hear [people ask] "Who is one of the best rappers and who is one of the best out," there's one name that I'm feeling you should be hearing more of is Ludacris.

You hear his name getting brought up a little bit, but he's someone that I think people should be talking more about. The reason I say that is because Ludacris, to me, is probably one of the most well-rounded artists, most consistent artists to ever be in the game.

He can take his stuff in all different directions. He can go straight, be animated, be commercial, he can talk about the real, he can make club bangers. You know what I'm saying? There's not too many artists in the game that's able to do that. There's not many that, overall, you could put in any type of atmosphere and they're going to come out with something hot.

So I would have to say Ludacris is kind of underrated as far as being spoken on as one of those big emcees. You can tune into the radio and might hear a verse from a remix and realize he just killed it. Then you might think back to everything that you've heard him on, or featured, and think, "You know what? I don't think I've ever heard a weak verse from Ludacris. He killed this, killed this, killed this, straight up murdered this [verse]."

I'm just thinking right now, there's not one song that I don't like [from] him because of his delivery is just on track. Ludacris always kills it.

Texas rapper Dorwin Demarcus Dorrough was born and raised in Dallas. He first experienced success as a basketball player, captaining his High School team. While attending college, he began releasing underground singles, such as Halle Berry (She's Fine) and Do tha Muscle, which achieved some local success. After signing a distribution deal with E1 Music, he achieved his big break with the release of Walk That Walk and its follow-up, Ice Cream Paint Job.

Check out Ludacris' music below:

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