"I Actually Met Amy Winehouse At Damian Marley's Private B-Day Party & Nas Was There"

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Guest Star: "I Actually Met Amy Winehouse At Damian Marley's Private B-Day Party & Nas Was There"

Wednesday, Sep 14, 2011 4:25PM

Written by SOHH for Miss Tila

[In celebration of late singer Amy Winehouse's 28th birthday today, model-turned-singer Miss Tila reflects on her one-on-one conversation with the fallen English crooner.]

It was really sad that Amy Winehouse passed away. She was one of my idols; I just loved her swag and she was so crazy. Amy was so talented. It's tragic with what happened.

I actually met her at Damian Marley's private birthday party and Nas was actually there. I think he was performing. It was a really small group of us and Amy was there. I was talking with her for a while and I could just feel her sadness. I could just feel her loneliness.

There were people all around her and I was [thinking], "These people don't care about you." I could just see it. They were just leeching off of her and they don't even care if she's messed up and needs help and just condone [her behavior]. I felt really sad.

Then she got up to hug me and she was really wasted and I could instantly [see] it through her eyes. She was really lonely and was really screaming out for help, but nobody was there to guide her and let her know that everything's going to be OK and that you don't need to pressure yourself becaue the industry is talking about you or don't be afraid to come out with another album because her last one was a success, thinking that maybe the next one wouldn't be as successful.

I just felt really bad and I just could not believe it. It's just hard when you've met someone and you know them and you hear news [about their passing]. It takes a while for it to set in and I still remember that moment.

I remember when we were hanging out, there was a blog talking about us and she had said a quote that's very eerie now that you think back [about it] and she's talking about Lindsay Lohan [and battle with drugs]. She said, "Wow, that was a real eye-opener because that could have been me. I'm really happy that I'm getting sober now." She said that, and now she's gone. That's crazy.

Miss Tila, formerly Tila Tequila, is most known for her rise to fame in 2006 as MySpace's most popular artist and has appeared in multiple publications including Stuff, Maxim, Penthouse along with star in her own television series. In addition to fashion and TV, Tila is also a rapper/singer.


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