Underrated: "I'm Glad Now To See Him Really Popping & Getting Into The Spotlight"

Thursday, Sep 8, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for David Rush

[With class sessions back in full swing, this week SOHH has decided to demonstrate school spirit by featuring entertainment personalities naming hip-hop newcomers they feel are most underrated. After Diego Cash gave Nipsey Hussle the "Junior" title yesterday, rapper David Rush crowns "senior" B.o.B. SOHH Underrated.]

B.O.B. (SOHH Underrated)

Who is the most underrated? That's a great question. Out of all of the rappers out there [...], I'm going to go through a [mental] list right now and see.

For right now, an underrated artist that I really wasn't up on but have really started listening to is B.o.B. I'm going to throw Lupe Fiasco in there too but B.o.B. is definitely an underrated rapper.

His buzz is big now, and of course I heard him way before this fame, when he was less successful. It was about three or four years ago in Houston, or rather Austin, Texas. I got a chance to meet him and Kid Cudi before he really even blew. Cudi still had his first single out and I got to really sit in and listen to B.o.B.'s EP before things really popped.

I remember thinking, "Man, this dude is multi-talented. I'm glad now to see him really popping and really getting into the spotlight. A lot of people try to sway away from his style of music, but he's still able to make hits. He can make records that can be played everywhere. I remember riding around and listening to his music, just thinking this dude is nice.

I would consider B.o.B. my SOHH Underrated pick, [but] there are a lot of really underrated artists out there. If you're not on the top-top, it's hard to get noticed. It's the people on top that are really shining brightly. 

Originally know as Young Boss Nieves, rapper David Rush was born in Highland Park, NJ. He began his hip-hop career in earnest while enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta. It was there that he met Soundz, an up-and-coming producer who kept in touch even after David had made the move back to Jersey. The pair collaborated on "Go Girl," a club track that came to the attention of Miami rapper Pitbull, who signed Young Boss to his 305 label in 2007. That same year, a re-recording of "Go Girl" featuring Young Boss and Trina appeared on Pitbull's Boatlift album. Soon after, David was diagnosed with the kidney disease focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Acknowledging his attitude toward the disease, Young Boss became David Rush as a reminder that every second counts. His first release under the name came in late 2008 when the mixtape Feel the Rush Vol. 1: Signing Season landed. The slick club track "Shooting Star," featuring Rush, Pitbull, and Cash Money rocker Kevin Rudolf, followed in early 2009.

Check out B.o.B.'s music below:

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