Guest Star: "Every Crew Wants To Be The Best So There's Always Going To Be Competition"

Friday, Sep 23, 2011 5:10PM

Written by SOHH for DJ O. Minaya

[With this week's hype surrounding Ray J and Fabolous calling into Power 105.1 and 50 Cent hitting up Hot 97 to discuss their confrontation, Power 105.1 mixshow's DJ O. Minaya speaks on the rival New York stations' tensions toward one another.]

There is always going to be competition in the deejay game no matter what radio station you're on or crew that you're with. Every crew wants to be the best, so there's always going to be competition. As far as being affiliated with a station, sometimes it works for you and sometimes it works against you, so it could go either way.

If I'm doing a mix on Power 105.1 and a song says another radio station's name, you definitely gotta bleep that part out. Even the new French Montana ["Shot Caller"] record says, "At the Summer Jam concert." He's got different versions with one for Hot 97 and one for Power 105.1. The Power version says, "At the Power Live concert." It sucks, but there's always going to be competition. With deejays switching stations, you really just have to respect the people who work hard and that have been really doing it for years and stuff like that.

As far as deejays like DJ Envy and DJ Clue, they're going where the money is at. They gotta do what they gotta do for their families and their careers. So I definitely don't have no problems with that. They gotta do what they gotta and I can't be mad at that.

Mix show deejays still exist, but the only radio station that actually has a lot of them is Hot 97. Power 105.1 only has a handful and it's probably one of the reasons why they may not be at the same level as Hot 97 because the youth don't want to listen to a talk show all day long. They don't want to listen to radio talk. They want to hear mixing. If it's the weekend, they [want to party]. So if you're hearing talk on the radio, it's kind of boring [for them]. Mixshow deejays still do exist and I think without them, I don't even know if labels would still be making the little bit of money they're making now.

DJ O. Minaya who was born in the South Bronx, New York began his DJ career at the age of 12. Before he was known as DJ O. Minaya he was a simple boy from the Bronx who enjoyed music. This is the life of someone who was destined to be a DJ. Once introduced to a turntable at the age 12, he took flight and knew this was just the beginning. By 1999 DJ O.Minaya broke into the club scene, and knew there wasn't a crowd he couldn't cater to, creating a following with various promoters and consumers. DJ O. Minaya is now known as The Most Diverse DJ. He is now part of Da Union, a select group of the best DJs in New York City.

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