Pulse Report: Amber Rose Gasses Up Funkmaster Flex Beef, 50 Cent Tells Lil Wayne Game Over, J. Cole's Star Is Born

Friday, Sep 30, 2011 12:25PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we figure out if Amber Rose is really upset or just using Funkmaster Flex for promo, watch 50 Cent's pitiful resort to get his buzz back up, use caution while watching J. Cole glow and oh SOHH much more!

1. Don't Trust A Big Butt & A Smile

She fooled me, doggies. Did she fool y'all? For just one single day I thought Amber Rose was really tight about Funkmaster Flex and the stuff he had said about her months ago. I'm telling y'all, she had me thinking Wiz Khalifa would even boycott that doggy's radio show. You can only curse out a doggy so many times before every doggy in the world thinks there's an actual beef getting cooked up. LOL. Let me stop and get y'all late doggies caught up. Peep what went down this week, doggies:

"I hate Funkmaster Flex, but I love you guys," Rose said. "He's an a**hole, man. He's just ignorant in every single way possible. Everything that he says is just rude and ignorant. When people come in to talk to him, he kisses everybody's a**, and then when he leaves he talks about everybody." ("Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg Show")

^ WHOA!!!! Shots fired, right doggies? Funny thing is she said way more than what's transcribed up there. But the bottom line is how many times she kept calling him an "a**hole." LOL. And whether y'all want to admit it or not, Flex does stay going in on doggies and then "sucking up" to them, to an extent, when they appear on the radio show. That's how it's always been and that's how it'll probably continue being. Come on doggies, y'all remember that story last year about Flex going in on 2Pac and then later clearing things up? LOL. So with all that said, Rose actually won my attention and even an ounce of respect for keeping a straight up response and saying how she felt about Flex. But then, y'all know what went down later.

"@DaRealAmberRose would love to have you on inflexwetrust.com and hot97? its me MR. A__H___." (Funkmaster Flex' Twitter)

There's the bait....and now the hook!

"@funkmasterflex @ciphasounds said some great things about u I understand what ur job is so I shouldn't have been so quick to judge u as a person. I would love to come and speak to u face to face if we can sit down a have a rational conversation. Hopefully we can both apologize and get past our lil beef. Deal?" (Amber Rose's Twitter)

^ WTF? That ain't cool doggies. Less than 24 hours after it all went down, Flex waves his finger at Rose and she goes there running. What happened to holding your ground? What about all that stuff he said about you? Being a h*e? Come on, she caved to the pressure, right? Nah, Forget that doggies. I realized it with that response. Not only does she want to see Flex and address the situation but she clearly pointed out that she wanted to do it on-air and bring more attention to her. See, I'm all about fame and fortune but what doggies have been telling me over the past few months might actually be true. What career does she have? LOL.

Not trying to diss at all doggies. I am glad she is a "model" and/or "video vixen" but she is making her own news, in my opinion. These occassional x-rated photo leaks coming out every few months and then trying to ignite this Flex beef? Doggies, think about it, I really want y'all to: If you had an opportunity to interview Amber Rose, what news-related stuff could y'all get from her? Nude pics? Wiz Khalifa? Maybe ask questions about Kanye West? Doggies. WHAT DOES SHE HAVE GOING ON!!?!!? SMH. I'm done. LOL. Thanks for letting me get that rant out man.

2. Love You. Hate You. Miss You.

It's over, doggies. If y'all didn't believe that then well you better believe it now. I won't rule out the G-Unit members individually but as far as 5-0 Cent is concerned, you all should be worried. Beef in 2011 is as played out as Yung Berg trying to say he had "Jesus Walks" before Kanye West. SMH. Some things just don't add up and him going at Lil Wayne and Game with a semi-good track is bad. Bad. Bad. Baddddddd. The sad thing is as much as I despise what 5-0 has done with his career up until this point, he actually had a pretty solid track with that "Love, Have, Love" track. But I'm going to let y'all see what is up right here:

The track starts off slow with a stirring soul vocal sample serving as the backdrop. When the track gets going, 50 sounds sinister after he lyrically launches a salvo in the direction of Young Money captain Lil Wayne. "Acting like a white boy bored, now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard/Ni---, why the f--- ya pants so tight?/You trying to show ni---- your ass, your alternative life" - Ouch, 50! But Wayne wasn't the only rapper to catch a stray from Mr. Jackson as former ally Gamecatches some pretty tough shots too. "I touched more p---- than maxipads/Now Detox can be your little rap rehab/Bi---, just a second visit from the repo man/And you can't afford your monthlys, I mean God D---." (RapFix)

^ Thanks to the good folks at SOHH, we can see what references 5-0 is making on here. First up is Lil Wayne and that white boy/skateboarding jab.

50 Cent Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne needed 9 stitches to close a bloody wound over his left eye last night ... after crashing HARD at a skateboard park in St. Louis. Weezy was treated at a local hospital -- and one witness told a local TV station the rapper was accompanied by several members of his entourage. According to the hospital, Wayne was treated and released. (TMZ)

5-0 must read a lot of TMZ, huh? LOL.

50 Cent Game

The Game was surrounded by a bunch of BAD*SS cars in Hollywood yesterday ... but not one of the rides was his tricked out Corvette ... because that whip was repossessed a few days ago ... TMZ has learned. Game tells TMZ he leased the Corvette roughly three years ago ... but he was on tour when the lease expired and was unable to return it. But a few days ago, after Game returned home, repo men came to the house and took the car away. Sources connected to the situation tell us Game was home at the time and was "cooperative" during the hand-off. Game doesn't seem too bothered by the situation ... telling us, "I got SO many whips!" (TMZ)

^ SMH. That's what 5-0 is running his mouth about? I guess it's clever when you think that Wayne has "Teach You How To Love" and "Teach You How To Hate" while his and Game's record was "Hate It Or Love It." SMH. But the thing that drives me crazy and probably why I don't mess with 5-0 anymore is the fact that he contradicts himself. CONSTANTLY. Peep this doggies:

5-0 Cent Denies Beefing W/ Lil Wayne (Feb. 2008)

It even looks like Wayne's problems with the G-Unit General have settled down as well. As you know, 50 Cent went at Wayne several months ago, with no response from the Louisiana Fireman. "People thought I had problems with Lil Wayne," 50 vented to Mixtape Monday recently. "I don't have problems with that little n---a. I like him. I like his music." (MTV)

5-0 Cent Denies Wanting To Beef W/ Game (Oct. 2010)

"I heard that," Fif said when told about Game wanting to re-join G-Unit. "It was six songs, they put out six joints and ain't nothing buzzing. They thought anti-50 as opposed to pro-50. You know what I think? I think once I stopped arguing, the interest dropped. Because as long as there's an argument, you're as interesting as the people you're actually arguing with. So even with Rick Ross and all the people I went back and forth with, that was good for them on the other level. I'm really not interested in working with him because I don't understand exactly why that happened." (Hot 97)

^ Y'all 5-0 groupies have a lot of explaining to do. SMH.

3. Doggy of the Week: J. Cole

Y'all doggies owe me some money. I remember a year or so back y'all were complaining that hip-hop didn't have any good doggies out there making music. Now look, they're everywhere. You got Wiz Khalifa repping that PA, then you got Big Sean repping that Motown and let's not even get started with what's going on out West. But how about that doggy most of y'all loved to hate? J. Cole. Too many reasons why he's that doggy for the week. His Top 5 favorite rappers are solid. Doggy didn't blame Jay-Z for his album being shelved for almost three years. He GOT Jay-Z on that debut. Cole even kept it hip-hop and reacted to Jay/Wayne. And oh yeah, can any of y'all doggies say Numba One!?!?!?! Nah? Then say 200K! Yeah doggies, bow down and pay homage to this week's Doggy of the Week!

1. My Top 5 Doggies Are Better Than Y'all's!

"Dead or alive, you gotta start with, obviously 2Pac's my favorite rapper of all time," Cole said in an interview with radio host Nessa Nitty. "And then we go to Nas. No particular order after that. Nas. Jay. Eminen. And let's say, I'm going to say Andre 3000, right. Just because, you know, [he's a] super duper storyteller, [and has] creative flows."

^ That's a good list, doggies. I'm a little tight that he didn't put Biggie in there but I'll get over it. No matter who tells y'all a Top 5, there's going to be some arguments so for doggy to have a pretty legit list is saying a lot.

2. Go Hard Or Go Home, Doggies!

"I always been ready to go. At all points. Even if I didn't have a release date right now, if the album wasn't coming out, I'd be ready. At all points during this process, I was ready," Cole explained. "It's just a matter of expectations. When you have the expectations of a whole label and how they look at you and perceive you and what they want your success level to be, then you're going to have a lot of opinions on singles or whatever."

^ I'm impressed. Most doggies like to put the blame on a particular doggy, let's say JAY-Z, but Cole didn't. Now he did say the label expectations made the LP stay on the shelves but I think he was being pretty honest right there. Something I like about Cole is that he reminds you of a REAL EMCEE. No offense, but Drake didni't impress me last year. He had too much success and I just didn't feel like he was genuine about his success. Cole is a different story. Y'all remember when Cole dismissed that Nas/Cole and Jay/Drake comparison that Drake made? Respect and pay homage, doggies!

3. I Got The Illest Doggy In The Game, On The Cole Train

"Mr. Nice Watch" is crazy ... it really don't sound like nothing on the radio or anything that you've heard before. It's something new. I did that song the last week of [recording] the album, I had a feeling when I made it, Jay-Z would like it. I was like, "Watch this be the song Jay-Z gets on." [I] just had that feeling, cause you know, it was that good. It was a big record and I knew that he would know that. At the end of the day, Jay is a smart guy and he wants to make the biggest moment possible and that song is definitely a huge moment. The plan is to keep going [musically]. I wanna go for as long as the game will have me. I've been wanting to do this for a long period of time. I'm already two years in, if you wanna count The Warm Up being my first project."

^ That's a hot look. Think about it doggies, those Jay-Z guest features don't come a dime a dozen anymore. Yeah, so Freeway, Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek may all have had his features but that was before Jay got married, had a kid on the way and basically ran hip-hop and sports. LOL. That's a solid look.

4. I Got My Money On The Home Team, Doggies

"I honestly don't think it feels like anything, for real. I don't think like it feels -- I'm sure they throwing jabs on songs, but don't we all do that?," Cole said. "That's just part of the game -- Wayne's just happened to be like, OK, you went all the way. You really let it be known. But it doesn't change the fact that it's a jab-throwing sport. I personally like it. I love to hear when I hear a jab and I know it. I love it."

^ LOL! Even though Cole kinda took the punk way out on this question, he did keep it kinda gully by at least answering it. He could have done like other doggies and either played dumb or said, "NO COMMENT," but he actually entertained the question. I respect that.

5. Doggies Lie, Cats Lie But Them Numbers Don't

J ColeJ. Cole (Cole World: The Sideline Story)

The German-born rapper J. Cole, who grew up in Fayetteville, NC, then went to school on a scholarship to St. John's in Queens before getting discovered by Jay-Z, who made him the first signing to his Roc Nation label through Columbia, debuts at #1 with Cole World: The Sideline Story. The album, which features collaborations with his mentor, as well as Trey Songz, Drake and Missy Elliott, has surpassed even label expectations with prospects of a sales total approaching 225-250k its first week.


4. Mrs. Butterworth: DJ Barbee

Doggies, I don't know about y'all but I always had a crush on Angie Martinez. Something about hearing the love of your life, come on doggies, I was 14, every day on Hot 97 after school and then seeing she was Spanish too? LOL. If that wasn't a match made in heaven, I don't know what is. But I say all of that to say my gushy love for those female disc jockeys still exists. Steph Lova could have gotten it back in the day too! LOL. So it was only right that when I came across "DJ Barbee," I had to roll with it. Oh yeah, that bubble is hard to turn down too. Not sure about y'all but there's something about Barbee and until I can figure it out, she's going to be this week's Mrs. Butterworth!

DJ BarbeeDJ Barbee

DJ BarbeeDJ Barbee

DJ BarbeeDJ Barbee

^ SMH. Even though I think these shots should be able to hold y'all down heading into "STFU" Honors, I can't not make up for going video-less last week. With that said, enjoy these visuals, doggies!

^ Doggies, if y'all want more, get your Google Search on b/c even this lovely lady's YouTube videos are borderline explicit! LOL!!!

5. "STFU" Honors

One thing I notice doggies, and it's something I just have to get over, is some of my local Bronx doggies saying, "Yo Butters, why'd you clown my DOGGY?" Yeah, we all tend to have favorites. Y'all know there is the doggies who no matter what he says or does, will always ride for Fat Joe. Then you got some that think Fabolous has never spit a wack verse in his life. But putting that music out the door, it's here that the wrong quote can get you put on blast. Much like the "Negro Please" section that XXL Magazine was known for doing. LOL. This week's latest contestants? Well, how could we not put in Jay-Z for having the audacity to try and split the iconic New York Knicks up? Sorry Hova, but the city ain't big enough for two NY teams. SMH. Then you got Game who gets in here by default. No doggy is allowed to talk about Detox anymore. STOP IT. But to think that Kreayshawn would get a pass for admitting that rap might not be her calling and then go on to say she's a professional "b*tch snatcher"? LOL!!!! Get outta here with that. With only two slots left, y'all know we gotta put in Red Cafe for making us try to remember he is actually relevant and has an album coming out. Final spot goes to DJ Holiday for saying Gucci Mane will not make any more trips back to jail. LOL!!! In case y'all didn't know already, welcome to "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors!

1. Jay-Z

On Monday morning, the entertainment mogul announced that the NBA Nets would have a new name once they take the court at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in approximately one year. "We've decided that the final name would be the Brooklyn Nets," said the rapper who grew up only minutes away at the Marcy Houses and later at 560 State Street.

2. Dr. Dre

GameDr. Dre

"Dr. Dre. came in and said, 'This is The R.E.D. Album? Cool. But you need this, this, and this and that,'?" Game says of the shift in his focus. "I was like, 'Well, where am I gonna get this, this, this and that?' He was like, 'We here, ain't we?' ... We started working on The R.E.D. Album, and some of the songs we did for The R.E.D. Album he snatched for Detox. Then we worked on some more, and he gave me more for R.E.D. At that time, I was probably the happiest I was in my career. Back working with Dre. Working really closely. Our relationship has always been real easygoing, man. Especially when it comes to the music."

3. Kreayshawn

"I'm a rapper, I'm a graphic designer director, model, deejay and a professional b*tch snatcher," Kreayshawn said. "There's a lot of people that want to push you down. One, for being a female and one for being white. It's hard but I don't see it like that. In Oakland, that's how you grew up...The best thing about everything that's going on is I have my head on my shoulders, I know what I want, I know my vision and it's not like I signed this record deal blindly -- whatever happens, happens. I know that I'm a good person and that I'm smart and funny. If the music thing doesn't work out, I'm talented at a million other things."

4. Red Cafe

Red CafeBad Boy (Hip Hop Breakups)

"February 14, Valentine's Day," Red said in an interview. "I wanted to tag it with that big holiday and just give something that the people could give as a gift -- his or hers, it's all good -- We're in a good place. I'm excited about the album. I'm happy with what we have and where I'm at musically. I'm happy with the growth...I'm really, really excited. I got some big features on there, I got some big producers as well -- I'm just ready to go. I can't wait for the tour, I can't wait for the release. I'm just ready for everything."

5. DJ Holiday

DJ Holiday (Concept)Handcuffs

"You don't want nobody to be in jail, but I think this is the last time," Holiday added. "I put Holiday Season 4 out and it had a song with Gucci, Shawty Lo and Alley Boy and another song with him called "My Block" with a new dude named Trouble and Waka [Flocka Flame]. There's really about four or five songs [with Gucci] I threw out there that people have gravitated toward. So hopefully they can eat off that until we figure out the next move."

***Doggies, doggies, doggies, I would first like to extend my most sincere condolences for any doggy that rooted for those Red Sox doggies this year. SMH. Tough break. But with that said, how about them New York Yankees, New York Jets and Brooklyn Nets New York Knicks???? LOL!!! Gonna try hitting the theater this weekend and get some X-Box 360 gaming locked in. Doggies ain't messing with me on that Gears of War 3!!! LOL!!! Enjoy the last day of September doggies b/c October is gonna be THAT month! Watch! LOL! See y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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