Pulse Report: Bawse Punks The White Girl Mob Boss, T.I. Back, Game Knocks Down 'The Throne'

Friday, Sep 2, 2011 12:30PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we witness Rick Ross get his Ashton Kutcher on with Kreayshawn, find out T.I. is back then gone then back again, realize The Game is far from over and oh SOHH much more!

1. They Shootin' (Made You Look)

LOL!!! Doggies, let me be the first to tell y'all that when it comes to Video Music Awards, I don't really get down like I used to. They're aight but nothing compared to back in the days when 5-0 Cent and Fat Joe were going at each other onstage and Diddy had to break things up. LOL. Or even when Chris Rock was out there kicking jokes. Those were some good times. However, I won't lie. This year's VMAs was fire. Doggies tight over Beyonce/Jay-Z showing they got a little Jigga Jr. on the way? LOL. Stop it. Or what about Lil Wayne making y'all think he was gonna end the show with that "How To Love" and then turned it up to some hardness (Pause) with "John"? LOL. But to all of y'all that got caught up with what was shown "ON" the TV, I hope y'all saw what took place OFF stage. Rick Ross? New Ashton Kutcher? LOL!!!!

Well, at last night's MTV VMAs, Rick Ross and his whole camp were on hand and it doesn't seem like they took Kreayshawn's disses too lightly. In the video, people from both camps get into a bit of a confrontation, with the tiny Kreayshawn stuck smack dab in the middle! The Cali rapper, who was nominated for Best New Artist, tries narrating, mic in hand and Ricky Rozay stays totally out of it, but things get heated for a minute there! (Global Grind)
"Oh my God, VMA wildness," Kreay said to the camera. "Nobody likes Kreayshawn, but it's OK. We all have fun, we all having fun out here. Things are getting a little too serious though. We had some jokes, oh! I'm in this. I'm in this...I'm hella irritated right now. Where they taking Stretch?" (Video Music Awards '11)

^ LOL!!!! Doggies, if y'all are acting like that wasn't the funniest thing y'all have seen this week? Mannnnnnn, y'all are bugging. It's funny, I saw this coming. You can't just pop stuff off and not expect for it to hit you back in the face later on. Especially with Kreayshawn when her only real big co-sign is Mistah F.A.B. (sorry Gucci Mane, I'm not counting that bogus co-sign you gave her.). And y'all want to know why Ross really gets the "Ashton Kutcher" props?

Minutes after Kreayshawn's manager Stretch got into a tiff with a member from Rick Ross' camp on the 2011 MTV VMAs black carpet, Billboard.com spoke with the Oakland rapper on the matter. "Yeah I don't know, man. It's just gang violence," Kreayshawn told Billboard.com "All that gang stuff I'm not a part of that." Kreayshawn kept her "cool" when hosting the VMAs pre-show until LMFAO came her way. "LMFAO came and they shot this party popper in the air and I thought Rick Ross shot me in the back," Kreayshawn said. (Billboard)

It's the AFTERMATH of what went down. Not only did this chick get mad and screamed at the 'rap game' about being fake, doggies, she got done dirrrrrrty!


Kreayshawn was reporting from the red carpet Sunday at MTV's Video Music Awards. And then she woke up Monday to a hacked Twitter account. On her blog, Kreayshawn posted, "My twitter got hacked today by some anti-hollywood extremists. They sent out wack a** tweets and promoted their odd message of anti-jew stuff and deleted my twitter.." (CBS News)
"Oh and they leaked out private photos of me while I was underage." The nude photos have been posted on SEVERAL websites -- and Kreayshawn's pissed ... saying, "Real nice guys! Spreading child-porno that's cute. VMA's was insane on top of that. Can I s**t man? I ain't even mad." (TMZ)

^ Is it me, doggies, or have we NOT heard anything else besides that "Gucci Gucci" track? SMH. Rick Ross > Kreayshawn. "Where they taking Stretch?" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. The King's Speech

Doggies, if we could free up all of the rap doggies behind bars, it would look a little something like the past few weeks. Scarface is a free doggy. DMX is a free doggy. And now? The King of the South is back! LOL. But I'm telling y'all, the media is always on something. Just when we find out doggy is set to get released this week, we hear other doggies saying he isn't. And then he comes out. But then he's not completely free. He's in a halfway house. SMH. Doggies, what is going on? LOL. I guess to simplify things, let's start from square one:

1. The King Is Coming Home

"We're confident it's going to be a little bit earlier," the record exec told SOHH when asked about the September 29th scheduled release. "It could be in the next couple of days or it could be the next couple of weeks but we're confident that it'll definitely be before the end of September." (SOHH)

2. The King Is REALLY Coming Home

Sources tell GreenHitz.com, that T.I. will be released from prison Wednesday 8/31/2011, and will be headed straight into the studio! For all of you T.I. fans prepare for the best, as he's coming back for the streets! Sure we always have to keep the ladies in mind, but T.I. is now back on "dat fuck shit". So prepare to have some headbanging beats from Toomp or Lil C, and some heavy catchy club anthems from Mr. Clifford Harris! I'm predicting a hostile street club takeover! Welcome back home Tip! (Gyant Unplugged)

3. The King Is Not Coming Back?

Reports spread online yesterday (August 29) that T.I. would be released on Wednesday, August 31, from Forrest City Federal Prison in Arkansas, about one month earlier than expected. Even DJ Drama, his longtime deejay,tweeted out the date in anticipation. But Tip's main attorney, Jonathan Leonard, told XXLMag.com that information is false. According to Leonard, who has represented the Atlanta rapper since 2002, T.I. will be freed on September 29 as scheduled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Although, Leonard says that date may change in the next 30 days.

4. The King Is Home, Really!

The rapper was sentenced to 11 months in prison in October for breaking his federal probation after he was arrested in Los Angeles on drug charges. He was set to be released at the end of September, but prison authorities released him a month early. His attorney, Jonathan Leonard, confirmed T.I. was released but did not immediately say where his client is going. (The Washington Post)

5. The King's First Free Words In 2011

"Feels great to be back where I belong...Back in the arms of those who need me the most."
"The storm is over & da sun back out. IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!! Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!" (T.I.'s Twitter)

6. The King Is Kinda, Not 100% Free

Rapper T.I., real name Clifford Harris Jr., was released from prison Wednesday a month early, bound for a halfway house in his home state of Georgia from a low-security federal prison in Arkansas where he'd been held after violating federal probation. "Feels great to be back where I belong ... Back in the arms of those who need me the most," Tip said Wednesday morning onTwitter, shortly after leaving federal prison in Arkansas. (Los Angeles Times)

3. Doggy of the Week: Game

Doggies, give Game some credit. He is back up in here for the second straight week. But much like what'll happen next week with that Carter IV going up against R.E.D., don't expect a three-peat. LOL. Until then, where do we start? How about Game having a number one album? How about Game trash-talking at Jay-Z and Kanye West? LOL. Not enough? Then give doggy that "Doggy" love for him squashing that Lil B dispute but still naming a wackest rapper ever. LOL. Nah? Then it doesn't get better than Game once again extending his hand to 5-0 Cent? SMH. Last but not least, how about giving Game props for throwing even more shots at Jay-Z but at least making a relevant point. Whether you agree with one or none, respect Game as that "Doggy of the Week" for a second time in two weeks.

1. I Got That Number One Spot, Doggies

Behind the Scenes of Game R.E.D Album from Taydoe Kidd on Vimeo.

Leading the pack this week is Game's R.E.D. Album which debuted at No. 1. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the West Coast rapper's latest solo offering has sold 97,900 records in its opening week.

^ Y'all can hate if you want. R.E.D. Album is hot. Now I'm not gonna lie, it's not best album of the year, like Game said it would be, but it's something that you can get down with. And whether he sold 100 copies or almost 100,000 records, doggy got No. 1. To be able to say you got 3-4 No. 1 albums? That's hot. No shame in that.

2. I Dusted Off The Throne Doggies


"4 #1 rap albums !!! Seems like just yesterday I wanted to be a rapper now 4 albums later...... We here. D*mn, life krazy sometimes"
"Watch The Throne Is Wack is trending WORLDWIDE ? THAT'S HOW YALL FEEL !?!?!"

^ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that's saying something. I'm not gonna lie, Game is a bit ahead of himself. For all of y'all that actually look at the numbers, doggy sold 97K in his first week and Jay/Kanye sold 95K....in its first...THREE WEEKS!!!! LOL. But even Jay would tell y'all, "We got now and don't care who got next." Game outsold Jay. Ouch.

3. Remember That Roc Doggy, Yeah, Him

GameMemphis Bleek

"@LILBTHEBASEDGOD go cop dat @thegame RED - Lil B - Based god is a stand up mothaf*cka 4 dat. Just 4 dat, Memphis Bleek da wackest rapper now," he tweeted August 26th.

^ SMH. That's funny, doggies. I might have to agree with him there too. LOL. Just playing, Bleek. Call doggy bi-polar but I get down with him taking Lil B off that "Wackest" title. It just didn't feel genuine. I'm not trying to vouch for B but at the same time, doggy hasn't been around long enough to get that type of title. That's a good look for Game.

4. I'm 50-50 W/ That Doggy

"Nah, [he's not on the R.E.D. Album] but I recorded a couple of songs and I had him in mind," Game said in an interview with hip-hop personality Tourre. "It's nothing but love with him. I might shoot a shot or crack a joke here or there, but that was then."

^ This doggy really said, "that was then." LOL!!!!! Nah, no "STFU" Honors here. Y'all need to read that out loud without laughing. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. That Doggy Don't Want It W/ Me


"I don't think Jay wants that. Jay is too reserved and too iconic in his career to battle me. I'm reckless and I'm psycho on the mic, so I can say anything. There are only certain things he can really say, you know what I'm saying?"

^ All jokes out the door, doggies. that's a good point. I think Steve Stoute brought that point up as well. It's funny Jaz-O can't get the message through his head. Jay is too big and too iconic to be thinking about these doggies. I know Game trash talks and says what he wants, but he is at least admiting something here. Think about it doggies. The most Jay's gone at Game is that Blueprint III line. That's IT. Game gets props for this one.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Bubbles

Doggies, doggies, doggies. I normally have a routine when it comes to my Mrs. Butterworth selections but I will not lie to y'all, this week's was handpicked by one of the SOHH doggies and I co-signed it right on the dotted line. LOL. Sometimes you have to give another doggy a chance to bring something fresh to your eyes to expand a horizon. And if there was ever a Mrs. Butterworth that I'm glad I got put up on, it's the delicous Bubbles. Now the name is a little bit Power Puff Girls-ish but I can let it slide for the bubble that I'm looking at right here. Kick back and don't let this pop off your screens, doggies!




^ SMH. Wow, doggy. That's something else. But(t) even better is how she acts in person. Don't get too overwhelmed, we got some booty shaking in here, too. LOL. But take a few minutes and let Bubbles put y'all up on her.

And now...

^ Doggies, I triple dare any of y'all try to stunt on THAT!!! Any doggy up for the challenge? Before you answer that, peep her entire stash right here. Now whatcha got to say???

5. "STFU" Honors

It's already September, doggies and I guess we should feel honored to have our first almost-fall batch of you-know-what's talking that reckless stuff. LOL. Let's skip all the fluff and get right into it. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose making music together? LOL!!!! Didn't these two learn anything from Kim Kardashian and Coco? Never trust those big butts and smiles. Next up, it's Lil Boosie, uh, I mean, Mama Boosie? Now I got my own issues with the justice system but the only doggy you should be upset with is this pup that's locked up. Not saying his guilty or innocent, just saying don't look for handouts. Then we have a double header when Wale has the nerve to bring up a three-year-old topic and then later has the nerve to put himself on Jay-Z's level? SMH. Finally, I decided to give a two-way tie to two doggies that remind us why they're from the Midwest, arguing over some make-believe form of expression. LOL.

1. Amber Rose

"We're working on some music for me, yeah," Amber Rose told Billboard.com on collaborating with Wiz Khalifa. "It's going to be mysterious," Wiz added. "It's going to be very mysterious," Amber Rose said. "You may not even know it's me. We might just throw it out there, might give it out and see what's up." Aside from working on Amber Rose's musical debut, Wiz is working on new music himself. "I'm also working on another album and stuff like that. Just chilling out, having fun, I just got done with touring."

2. Mama Boosie


"He's always locked down," Hatch explained in an interview. "For example, a three-way call - he's locked down for that. And most inmates make three-way calls. He's locked down for another inmate taking a picture of him - [the inmate] sent it to his girlfriend and the girlfriend put it on the Internet. Whether or not the other inmate was punished, I don't know. But because of these two incidents Torrance has been locked down since June. From June until December. No telephone calls, no contact, no store. He's locked up in the cell for 23 hours. The only time he comes out is one-hour a day...Not one rapper [has reached out] -- The only person I have spoken with is Young Jeezy. I heard from him but he hasn't done anything as of yet. But the rest of them, you hear from them, but when you call them, they know my number so they don't respond. My child was not like that. He gave to everybody."

3. Wale

Wale & Rick RossHappy Birthday Rick Ross

"That dude is a genius," Wale said, referring to Ross. "I don't care what anybody say. That's my brother. He's a genius. I've seen him work from the business side, I've seen him work on the street side. People don't know Ross, man. They think, 'Oh, C.O.' I know C.O.s, dog. The dude's gettin' the money doing that other thing. I know that! We come from that. I'm not by any means a trap dude, but I know that. My best friend doin' six, got six left to do."

4. Wale


"None of us have been able to create a critically-acclaimed album so to speak," Wale said in an interview. "That was my goal to try to do that. I ain't really into selling because I'm doing pretty good. I got records on the radio for the first time in my career. I'm just trying to make a classic album, something that you can put up there with [Jay-Z's 1996 debut] Reasonable Doubt and all the stuff that's blasphemous to compare your work to now. Why can't I say my album is just as good as Reasonable Doubt or I'm trying to beat Reasonable Doubt? That sh*t is blasphemous to say."

5. Kid Cudi & Machine Gun Kelly

Kid CudiMachine Gun Kelly (Concept)

"There's only one original Rager, and thats me. I started this 'rage' sh*," he wrote August 26th. "The lifestyle, the term, the whole new meaning and definition of the word. Understand and be clear, IAM THE RAGER, IAM FOREVER. When you hear ANYONE talking bout 'rage' or 'raging', know where that sh*t originated. Guess ima have to do some trademarkin'. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. WE LIVE THIS SH*T!"
Shortly after the post also simultaneously posted on Cudi's Twitter (@WizardCud), Cleveland newcomer Machine Gun Kelly responded with an angry tweet, calling Cudi "jealous", most likely for his quick rise. "If i was you, i'd hate me too...you jealous muf*cka. 216 what up. EST what up. lace the f*** up," wrote Kelly (@MachineGunKelly). "Headed to the show, hereeeeee we go AZ lemme see what kind of #powerRAGERS yall are working with."

***Doggies, what can I say about the weekend that y'all don't already know? LOL! It's Labor Day Weekend which means it doesn't matter what city you're in, TURN ON YOUR RADIO and listen to those holiday mixes. I take it back to the 1990's with my TDK tapes and still record some of the jams they play out here. Respect to Power 105.1, but if y'all are out in NYC, y'all doggies better have it on Hot 97. Word to Biggie. Aight doggies, school is either in session or a few days away from being in session, so let the weekend burn slow! LOL! See y'all on that X-Box Live! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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