5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "35 & Ticking": "This Is Not A Tyler Perry Movie"

Wednesday, Sep 14, 2011 1:35PM

Written by SOHH for Russ Parr

[With the new DVD release of 35 & Ticking this week, director Russ Parr gives his Top 5 Reasons why hip-hop heads should hit up their local entertainment store and bring home a movie delight.]

1. Something Like A Phenomenal

I think the number one reason is Kevin Hart is phenomenal in this movie. He's very funny but he's also a very strong actor. We're used to seeing all of these actors in other movies but now they're playing something that's different to them. I made a point to make that happen when I did the casting. I just took everybody out of what they're known for and put them in something that they're not and it works.

2. Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can't Cut It

Number two would be the fact that this is a movie that's not cookie cutter. You can criticize if you want but it's not a cookie cutter [film]. It's not what you see in all of the other urban films. People draw comparisons to Tyler Perry's films. This is not a Tyler Perry movie, nor were we trying to be. This is a movie that not all of the pieces fit together. The comedy is not going way over the top so that it's not believable. I think everything that I put in here is pretty believable.

3. Lights, Cameras, Action

The acting performances from everybody is just so on point. Everybody stayed true to their characters. I've been doing radio for such a long time that people like to put you in a box. "Russ Parr, you mean the radio guy?" They don't realize this is my fourth feature. I've been doing TV for 25 years [yet] people don't know your skill set your writing. I had one of my executive producers read my script and she gave it to her mom and she said, "Oh, this is good." I knew people but she really knew a lot of people and got the script out. They respect her in Hollywood and then it was like, "I want to do this." Once you get a couple people on board, the dominos fall over. Kevin Hart's always been a great friend, he's been in three of my four movies.

4. Age Is More Than A Number

Number four, it's real life urban relationships. I believe that a lot of times some of these stories are not believable and I think that the relationships with these actors is what really drives the movie. These are also realistic interpretations about love. This was an important film to make because this number, 35, [is relevant] to every ethnic background. It's like, "I'm at 35 and I better start getting it together because here comes 40." People want to start getting their life together, want to have a baby and it happens with everybody. I saw so many people going through that and wanting to get married. There is a sense of feeling rushed to get these things done. It's not just with women, guys are like that too. [At that age, men begin to think,] "I'm 35 and going on 36. I want to get my career together." I financed the film myself and wrote it about two years ago.

5. I Think I Love My Wife?

I think number five is that the performances are relatable no matter what your nationality is. Everybody has some commonality in relationships and this movie not only captures that but it slams it out of the park. I really loved Jill Marie Jones; her performance was pretty breath taking. What's interesting is I've had so many men come up to me and say, "Hey Russ, I'm going to go home and divorce my wife," and I thought they were kidding. The last guy that told me that said, "No, Russ, I'm really going to go home and divorce my wife." So I said, "Why?" And he said, "Because that was me up there, trying to hold onto a woman that didn't want me." Jill's performance was so relatable to a lot of these men because they [view] their women like that.

You Decide. Will you purchase 35 & Ticking?

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