News: "Worst Thing I Read About Myself Are The Countless Rumors Made Up Off Someone's Head"

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Model Amber Rose has opened up about her issues with the media and how rumors typically hold no amount of truth.

Rose feels she is often used as a scapegoat for bloggers hungry for buzz.

"Worst thing I read about myself, are the countless rumors that are just made up off the top of someone's head. They don't care about my life or my livelihood. They were just like 'Oh there's nothing going on in the world, let's make up something about Amber, post it and everyone in the world believed it.'" (Global Grind)

The blonde bombshell also weighed in on the spotlight she has received over the past few years.

"I do not like attention at all. I don't like to be out there. It seems like that because the paparazzi follows me and I'll get photographed, but I'm always kind of like really low key and they just catch me. I always try to go another way so I'm not bothered or out there. I'm really shy." (Global Grind)

Last June, rapper Fabolous denied sexual rumors involving him and Rose.

"Did I ever smush," Fab said, repeating Tim Westwood's question. "Smush? What kind of word is that? Is that like a UK word for [sex]? Uh, OK. No. She's just a friend. [Kanye West to me to Wiz Khalifa?] Nah. I was out of that stepping stone. I got moved out of that equation. I guess it just went from Kanye to Wiz." ("Tim Westwood TV")

Earlier this summer, Rose addressed gossip claiming she was pregnant.

"Hey Rosebuds I am NOT Pregnant I never went to any media outlets to sell a story either its just not true. :-)"
"Wiz & I Love each other so much & we would love to have baby when the time is right but for now we are just enjoying each other :-)," she tweeted Thursday (June 2). (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Check out some recent Amber Rose footage below:

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