5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "World With No Skies 2.0": "I Basically Had To Give Birth To The Same Baby Twice"

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011 12:45PM

Written by SOHH for Slaine

[With the new release of his World With No Skies 2.0 debut, Boston rapper Slaine drops down his Top 5 reasons you need this album in your life.]

1. Indie 500

The number one reason why people should buy my record is because you should support hip-hop music. You should support this especially for the indie artists who aren't in it for the dollar and trying to chase down radio singles. You should get it for the indie artists who aren't trying to follow what's current or what's next. We're really in it for the artistic merit.

2. Deep Impact

Number two, it has a lot to offer. There's some deep moments, there's some angry moments, there's some sentimental moments; I think it's really well-rounded with the storytelling and emotion. I think it's a really well-rounded feeling record. There's a lot of different stuff going on in it as far as the whole range of emotions and subject matter. I think it's stuff that people can relate to.

3. Battle Cry

Number three would be because it's a very personal record. It's a record I had to struggle and battle in order to make. I faced so many obstacles just to be able to make music in my life, period, which I think a lot of artists do. But my record was pulled two weeks before it was released because of the issues I had with it. I had to go many extra miles. I basically had to give birth to the same baby twice. There's a lot of hot songs. I refused for this record not to come out. I followed through on a vision even when it became almost impossible to do. So I think there's a lot of depth to this record based on that.

4. Double Take

I went into the studio after I had sample cleareance issues and literally went in through every note. So the production on this record is really good. Sonically, this album is very big. I brought in violinist, I brought in piano players, I brought in guitar players, I brought in everyone. Sonically, I think it's an excellent record as well. My album was not going to come out without getting the samples cleared. It was like if you shoot a movie and you get told, "You're not gonna be able to use any of that, that, that and that." So it's like, how am I going to tell the story? So I basically recreated what my album was going to be. I didn't want to compromise the integrity of the songs I already had, so I had to go back in and make other songs that were new and something I was experiencing right now but that fit with what I already had.

5. Above Average

I think this is a lyrical, superior record compared to most of what's out right now. That would be my number five reason. Lyricism is what I do as an emcee. I think there's different kinds of rappers and I consider myself a lyricist above all. Even more than a dude that has incredible swag or whatever the word is right now. I think lyricism is at the top of my list as far as what I get out of it, with the writing. It's the craft of being an emcee. It's lyricism and then it goes to performance and storytelling. Those are what I enjoy the most from being an artist. Lyricism was a heavy focal point for me.

You Decide. Will you purchase World With No Skies 2.0?

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Check out Slaine's debut album below:

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