5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "True Grit": "We Found The Grittiest, Most Sh*t Talking Grinders Out There"

Friday, Aug 5, 2011 5:20PM

Written by Joe Bush

[After the "True Grit" contest ended with a rundown of the Top 20 artists earlier this year, SOHH's Marketing Assistant Joe Bush gives you his Top 5 reasons to download the new True Grit mixtape.]

1. Look At Us Now

The number one reason you should get this is because it's something new that no one else has done. The reason I say that is because a lot of websites co-sign artists that have already blew or have a big buzz. This is the first time a website or any type of hip-hop publication has really taken the initiative to really go and look for the next thing that's set to blow up and that's gritty. I think it's an epic move for a hip-hop website to do and something people should look for us to do more often.

2. No Flashing Lights

The number two reason is because the artists that we have have something to prove and I believe that music is better when there is no glitz and glamour involved in it. There's no money, no hype, no label. It's just real raw talent and the passion for hip-hop itself. I think that the passion that comes with being a hip-hop artist is lost in hip-hop now.

3. Mr. International

The number three reason is because we looked from all around, nationwide and international, and we came up with the top artists that we thought could bring it to the most grittiest. We found the grittiest, most sh*t talking grinders out there. I believe these artists that are on this mixtape have something to prove and are going to put it all on the line for you on this mixtape.

4. Expose Ya

The fourth reason is because I believe this mixtape will be something epic and something that other artists should watch out for. It's a project that I feel will expose other people and their talents. It will get them in the limelight that they want, but at the same time, let them be real with themselves. There's no A&R's or record executives telling them to change up their swag. [The artists] are being natural and real.

5. Time To Get It

Reason number five is because the sh*t is just gritty. The sh*t is just too gritty. It's way too gritty. It's something that you can bump. This mixtape is nothing you can bump with your shorty. Leave that for another time. This is something you can bump in your truck, tinted windows, riding with your boys. This is that type of mixtape that can get you in the zone. It's something that you can listen to getting ready for a Game 7 or if you got beef. It just is what it is. It's really gritty. There's six tracks on here that are going to blow people's minds.

To get your free True Grit mixtape download, just click here.

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