5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Silent Assassin": "I'm Trying To Expand DJ Drama's Brand"

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 12:25PM

Written by SOHH for Dorrough

[With the new release of Gangsta Grillz: Silent Assassin, Dallas rapper Dorrough shells out his Top 5 reasons to purchase his new mixtape album.]

1. Let Me Upgrade Ya

The first reason people should go out and buy the album is because every project I've done upgraded. This is the fifth project I have dropped since I got signed. I've become better and I've become stronger. I've made sure this is a more productive project than the ones before. For anyone that's been keeping up with me, they know my last two projects were absolute fire. So to top my last project which was actually another mixtape with DJ Drama, Code Red, I knew I had to put a lot of time and effort into this project. I actually feel like I topped my last project and really came forward lyrically, with street and club bangers. It's a complete album and I'm proud with what I did with it.

2. Ante Up

I really try to go outside the box more. With most projects, especially street albums, they're giving you ten records. 12 at the most. So with this album, I'm giving you 19 records, not skits. There's not tracks where I'm just talking. So the consumers are automatically getting their money's worth off the top. That's rare these days. Everyone is dropping their tapes and it's got ten songs on there. 12 at the most and to me that's trying to cheat the consumers. That's just you trying to get some money or keep it moving and not really cater to them and give them enough to listen to.

3. The Indy 500

My third reason is because I'm independent. I have a strong independent movement going on. I've had chances to do the major thing and decided to wait and do the independent thing. I do a lot for myself and with my inner circle. And to have had some of success that I've had on an independent level shows it's grind time. It really pays off and I want people to understand that I don't have the same machine most artists do but I make my machine. I want people to understand that concept.

4. Look At Me Now

It's great music on there. When people say Gangsta Grillz, there's all types of music. It's very street sounding but it's more of what I would call my sound. I'm kind of bringing another sound to the Gangsta Grillz brand. I'm trying to expand DJ Drama's brand. I remember when Chris Brown did the Gangsta Grillz. This is another look and I'm giving you a different sound so the audience doesn't feel like, "Oh, I've heard all of these before." It's not going to sound like any other Gangsta Grillz tape you've ever heard before.

5. Live in Technicolor

There will be visuals for every song on the mixtape. I've already shot a few of them. I released a few of them already. Once this tape drops, then I'm going to do more videos to follow-up. So you will see a visual for every song that you hear on the tape. A lot of people look forward to that. People enjoy the songs and wonder if there's going to be a visual to it or if it's just going to be a song that they listen to on the tape. So I'm letting you know there will be a strong visual for each one.

You Decide. Will you purchase Gangsta Grillz: Silent Assassin?

To purchase the new album, just click here.

Preview Dorrough's music below:

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