5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Rolling Stoned": "I'm One Of The Hottest Motherf*ckers Coming Out Of NYC"

Monday, Aug 29, 2011 1:00PM

Written by SOHH for Smoke DZA

[With the new release of his Rolling Stoned album set to hit store shelves tomorrow, Harlem's Smoke DZA breaks down his Top 5 reasons to cop the long-awaited solo effort.]

1. Best Thang Smokin'

One reason why you should get Rolling Stoned is because if you're a stoner, this is your anthem. I'm proud of every one of these tracks. I think every one of them stands alone. But my personal favorite record for people that are out driving around is called "We Out." So if you're with your lady and you're riding through the city, whatever city you're in, and you play this record, you're going to feel good. You're going to do something nice for your lady. Your lady is going to listen to this record and will be like, "This record is nice. Who is that?" Maybe you'll get some good conversation out of it. I'm really proud of that record, on some ride out sh*t. I make a lot of ride out music but I'm always big on production. I got an ear for good beats. I tell my tales over those.

2. Get High, Die Laughing

The second reason is becaues it's a fun album. If you like having fun, this is what you want. Hip-hop is really going back into a fun stage where it was hurting us for a few years because everything was too dead a**. You'll have fun while you're listening to this. Hip-hop lost that essence of having fun. I'm a fun guy. That's just my nature. I'm into goofing and making people laugh. That sh*t that my favorite artists would do. I try to stay to what I do best which is have fun, smoke a lot of weed and make people laugh.

3. Mary Jane Lovers Not-So-Anonymous

The third reason is because I have all of your favorite stoners' favorite stoners on here. And all of your favorite future rappers are on here. I got personal relationships with all of these guys on the album. It wasn't really hard to get everyone on here. But sometimes it comes down to the personal sh*t people got going on. So getting into the studio was a little rough for everyone. Everyone is working. But I got it all done and it was a collaborative record. Everybody had their own schedule. Any time me and Dom Kennedy get into the booth, it's hot.

4. When I Roll Up

The fourth reason why you should buy Rolling Stoned is because it's an actual album. I give away free music all year round. So when [I release an album for retail] in FYE or BestBuy, you should go grab that. This is my second project in FYE and BestBuy. I know there's a lot of people that haven't even been able to get in those stores one time, so I feel like it's an honor and I'm blessed. I'm excited about it. This is my second debut in stores. When you go in and check it out, you'll see Snoop Dogg and Smoke DZA right under it, it's a humbling feeling. It's dope and I'm excited.

5. That's Why They Calll Me Smoke DZA

And the reason number five is because I'm one of the hottest motherf*ckers coming out of New York City. Find out what I'm talking about on August 30th. That's all you need to know.

You Decide. Will you purchase Rolling Stoned?

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