News: Rah Digga Flips Modes To Flip Phones, "Hearing Battle Raps Can Remind People Of What A Real Lyricist Should Sound Like"

Monday, Aug 1, 2011 8:20AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Flipmode Squad member Rah Digga has decided to cash in on technology by launching a new phone application allowing users the ability to battle rap.

Called "Straight Spittin'," the application is reportedly the first of its kind for any Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Nokia phone.

Straight Spittin' allows aspiring artists to engage in freestyle or written form battles as well as choose various beats, length of verses and the amount of battle rounds. A feature of the app allows the public to vote for battle winners, moving the winning rapper from "Unsigned Hype" to "Gold" and "Platinum" status, if they are the ultimate champion. Burgeoning rap stars may have the opportunity to be scouted for global battle competitions, also. (The Boom Box)

Digga also released a statement on her motivation behind the launch.

"As someone who prefers more aggressive rhyming, it's always refreshing to hear people rhyme like their lives depend on it," Rah Digga revealed in a press release. "Hearing battle raps can remind people of what a real lyricist should sound like...or not." (Press Release)

The application gears itself toward hip-hop artists on the come-up.

Having solidified her position in hip-hop as a gifted lyricist, Rah is now changing the world with her new app designed to give aspiring rappers a chance to show and prove themselves on a global stage at their convenience. Teaching aspiring rappers about the fundamentals of rapping and lyricism was the main catalyst for Rah's involvement with this application. She believes it's possible for someone to eventually get a record deal stemming from this app. (San Francisco Gate)

A few days ago, Digga released a new record called "Made MC."

Rah Digga is showing "you how to be an emcee" on "Made MC." Back in the studio because an "emcee is always ready," she knows that she is such an "icon" regardless of "numbers." Listeners have no choice but to "respect" her depiction of "how a real emcee do." "Made MC" serves as "command" from Rah Digga & she does not care if her message is "televised." As listeners rock their heads to "Made MC" they will notice that she has a "sweet sixteen" & "spits them punchlines, metaphors" & "conjunctions" without a "hypeman" from a "real" emcee's "perspective." She rhymes about a young emcee that is not competent enough to "spit a verse" or "write a bar" on "Made MC." (Stupid Dope)

Check out a review of the Straight Spittin' Battle Rap application:

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