Singled Out: "By The Time That Song Dropped, 10 More Was Dead"

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 4:25PM

Written by J. Bachelor for The Boss Hogg Outlawz

[SOHH highlights a single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Cash Money artist Glasses Malone broke down the creation of his "Eastsidin" track, Slim Thug and Boss Hogg members Dre Day and J-Dawg explain the slew of shout-outs on the Houston anthem "What Up".]

Slim Thug: We was in Dallas when "What Up" came together. Didn't know what it was gonna be called or nothin', I just started my verse. Off of that, somewhere down the line J-Dawg put a hook on there and Dre Day did his verse. I want [my artists] to have something I don't have. I been rappin' since I was 17. So I can't feel the same sorta passion J-Dawg might feel. That's why I grab a J-Dawg or Dre Day.

J-Dawg: I'mma tell you ... this crazy. On the track Slim talkin' about his homeboys and artists that's on Boss Hogg. Dre Day talkin' about all his potnas and the gangs from his hood. My verse is all my homies that's gone. And that ain't even a piece of it, man. In not even two years, 28 of my homeboys was killed in my hood.

By the time that song dropped, 10 more was dead.

The day we did the video for "What Up" I got one of my potnas on the camera -- I never see him around, he's just a real street dude and by the time we finished the video he was dead. It's real crazy over here, man. There's not one person that's on my verse that ain't dead.

My verse is for all the homies that's gone, that's why you can feel it so much.

Dre Day: Slim set the tone for "What Up" by shoutin' out all his homies. I was shoutin' out my family, everybody in my neighborhood who had my back and everybody who supported me. Just givin' back to them.

We did a show last night and people knew the song word for word. The city loves it.

The Boss Hogg Outlawz are an 8-member group from Houston, Texas. Led by Slim Thug, their latest album "Serve and Collect Vol. 3" is available in stores now.

Check out the video for "What's Up" below:

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