Guest Star: "The LOX Came Through [To The Studio] Like, 'F*ck A Chorus!"

Monday, Aug 15, 2011 6:35PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Noreaga

[As the season continues to sizzle with hot bangers releasing at warp speed, Queens rapper Noreaga reflects on how arguably one of the greatest, past summer jams, "Banned From T.V.", almost never happened, and what newcomers he'd like to "ban" in 2011.]

The story behind "Banned from TV" is this: I was doing a song with Nature. Nature coulda hated on me for bein' on The Firm album, because ["I'm Leaving"] was his song, and I was on it, but he was the bigga figga, you know. So I repaid Nature back by throwin' him on my album N.O.R.E.

Nature came through and laid the verse. He didn't like the first beat I put on, so we had to switch it.

We ended up switchin' beat to what is now known as "Banned from T.V.". Then Nature finally laid his verse. Big Pun came to hang out [at the studio]. I went to take a sh*t or something like that and when I came back Pun verse was already on there.

I was like, "Yo, my dude ... what are you doin'?!"

I thought that was violation at first, na'mean?

Let's see ... who did we call after that? Cam'ron.

So then Cam came to the lab but didn't wanna do a chorus. I wanted someone to do a chorus and Cam didn't want to -- so he laid a verse.

Then The LOX came through and it was the same thing! It was like, "F*ck a chorus!"

Yeah. It was a different era back then.

If I were to do a "Banned from T.V." 2011 [with] all new cats? ...Meek Mill, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Fred the Godson, Cory Gunz and Curren$y.

Noreaga is a platinum-selling artist from Queens, New York. Nore is currently working on his forthcoming album, S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G.

Check out "Banned From T.V." below:


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