5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Madden 12": "Now When Under Pressure, Michael Vick Will Take Off & Start Running"

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 2:50PM

Written by SOHH for Mike Young

[As class is now back in session, SOHH is helping students make a strong return to school by bringing them some of the flyest gear to rock this semester. Today, EA Sports designer Mike Young gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop the new Madden 12 football game.]

1. The Hit Factory

We've got a brand new collision system. This makes the game feel so much more responsive than it ever has before. The running game is so much more rewarding and the hits feel super powerful. It feels great to just hit somebody. Tackling is the number one system to get right because the most fun you have with a football game is either running with the ball or hitting somebody. I don't think anybody can play Madden 12 and go back to a previous version of the game and enjoy it as much. It's just a significant game changer.

2. Do It Like I'm Doin' It For T.V.

The game looks like it does on TV. Shot for shot. The game looks exactly how it looks every Sunday with the broadcast. We have all of the real cameras, the sun is in the right position and we have NFL films in the game filming all of our scenes. So it feels authentic on TV. Even things like the field goal cameras are where you would see them on TV. It's a totally fresh look. Every team is done exactly like in real life. The mascots, sights and sounds are all in there. Every team was treated [uniquely]. We were trying to match up all of these different features to each team so if you were a season ticketholder and knew your team's ritual, you would feel like, "Wow, you got it."

3. Packed W/ Punches

Number three, we have every detail. We have tons of gear added to the game. We have about 20 new face masks, helmets, all new shoe models, the green dot on the quarter backs helmets, even the dirt coming up from the ground. It's like a huge overhaul of all these details we've added. So no matter what your favorite team is or player, they're going to look good and they're going to look real. My philosophy is if you're buying a Madden game, you either love a team or a player. You're so tied to the sport and I think those details matter. What we can't predict is what details will matter to who. I'll get guys who will send me a Twitter message about a helmet sticker every day. So we try to get as many of these details into the game as possible. I got so many tweets and messages last year about [Green Bay Packers player] Clay Matthews' hair including a message from Clay Matthews himself. Details matter and there's thousands of players we have to get right. [Former New Orleans Saints player] Reggie Bush's agent was like, "How come Reggie's not in Adidas?" So we added Adidas shoes. All of these details matter to somebody. So I think people only care about the things they're most passionate about.

4. The Franchise Takeover

The fourth reason is because if you like franchise mode, spending some time by yourself, you can play as the GM or the coach making the moves. We've upgraded the franchise mode significantly. There's over a hundred improvements. There's a lot of new features that the community's been asking for, for a really long time, things like expanded rosters. We've brought over this really cool free agent bidding system, which is like eBay, so there's this time sensitive pressure toward getting the guys you want. If you know who you want to target, you have to go after them hard but can risk missing out on somebody else. So that's really fun.

5. How To Be A Player

The last reason is because of the dynamic player performance. We've added these traits to the game to allow players to actually play more like themselves. In the past, we've had [Philadelphia Eagles quarterback] Mike Vick. We had all of his physical talent down, like his speed and short range accuracy. But what we didn't have is what these players think and how they react in certain situations. So with these new traits and tendencies, now Michael Vick will use those skills in the right way. So now under pressure, Michael Vick will take off and start running. Now all of these players are feeling like themselves more than ever before. It kind of takes it to the next level and captures all of their intangibles. That's pretty exciting.

You Decide. Will you purchase Madden 12?

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