5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "L.A. Riot": "I Haven't Seen Any New Artist Put Together A Collection [Like This]"

Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011 4:15PM

Written by SOHH for Thurz

[With the release of his new album L.A. Riot currently on store shelves, rapper Thurz shells out his Top 5 reasons why you should drop some paper on his Los Angeles-repping LP.]

1. Best I Ever Had

With stepping out and embarking on my solo career, I am enabled to execute and not compromise any vision I have for a concept/song. Within U-N-I, I conceptualized the majority of records that the public heard, so the song-writing process wasn't too different. I feel that I have developed my sound and was able to get points across more clearly with the projection of my voice. I haven't seen any new artist put together a collection of work comparable to what I did with L.A. Riot. The music serves as one component to the bigger plan.

2. Can You Hear Me Now

On this album I have worked with some of the best producers in hip-hop. Grammy-award winning producer DJ Khalil assisted L.A. Riot with two records; one featuring Black Thought of The Roots, and the second featuring Kobe (recent Eminem and Clipse collaborator). Ro Blvd executive produced the album and produced four strong records - one being "Rodney King" that helped launch the project. THX is one of LA's best kept secrets, producing for the likes of Snoop Dogg, David Banner and The Clipse. He produced "The Killers" featuring Jazzy and "Dope." Big sounding records. My guy Aaron Harris has assisted the album with live instrumentation producing six incredible records.

3. History Lesson

I drew inspiration from the 1992 Los Angeles Riots for this project. The riots represented a historical time in Los Angeles history that revealed racial tension and the foul relationship between LAPD and the black community. The riots were sparked by the beating and acquittal of the officers responsible for the beating of Rodney King. The city literally burned. My record "Rodney King" serves as a first person re-enactment of that night, which in turn stands for the spark of my riot in music and art. The music on the album is not historically based, but it takes the spirit of '92 to set fire to big sounding tracks which birthed my new direction for this album. The 92CREW and myself conducted several interviews with people who were involved with and experienced the riots - one being Gary Williams of the LA4, responsible for the beating of Reginald Denny. The audio from the interviews play into different concepts throughout the album.

4. We Run The Streets

With promoting my independent album, the 92CREW hit the streets to bomb the city with wheatpasted posters. We captured footage of cooking up wheatpaste and hitting several walls in the city. The rush of ducking the cops and leaving my mark on the city was very exciting - and that's just the start of my involvement with street art.

5. And Then There Was...

L.A. Riot is just one component to what myself and the 92CREW are cooking up. Stay tuned to theriotstartshere.com to stay up to date on the movie that's on the way and all the new projects in store.

You Decide. Will you purchase L.A. Riot?

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