Singled Out: Jim Jones f/ Fred The Godson and Meek Mill, "I'll Be Back"

Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011 3:50PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Fred The Godson

[SOHH highlights a newly-released single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Noreaga discussed the details behind his "Finito" track, Bronx MC Fred the Godson reflects on gaining his second wind to get in the studio with Jim Jones and Meek Mill to create "I'll Be Back"]

Its crazy how "I'll be Back" was made because it wasn't done through the usual steps. It wasn't like, "Yo, I got a beat, let's do it. Call me." Wasn't none of that. Meek Mill had an event at Amnesia that night and Jim Jones came through, Maino came through and I came through for him.

We was all partyin' in V.I.P. that night. Right after the joint was over, I had left. I get back to The Bronx and a guy that works with Jim hit me up and was like, "Yo Jim lookin' for you, who you with?"

I was like, "Yo, I'm back in The Bronx already."

He says, "Nah, after Amnesia everybody was so hype that they wanna go back to the studio right now."

So I had to drive all the way back down ... we dropped that record at like 6 o'clock in the morning. The way that 16 was written was me fightin' sleep. But I had to do it right there.

Big Pun had a big impact on me. He's one of the best rappers ever. Hands down the best rapper to ever come outta The Bronx. When he was rippin' and ramblin' it was a breath of fresh air: You was proud to be from The Bronx and throw up that X. I was just a kid, but it was amazing to me. I remember when I first heard his [line] "Dead in the middle of Little Italy.." It was just amazing. I had to throw that line in this song. The way that beat was bouncing ... that was me showing my respect to the family, to his spirit and to The Bronx.

Once Jim threw on the beat, Meek came through with [his] know he got one of the best flows in the game. Jim put his swag on it, then I flipped like two flows on it with my swag; we rolled the dice on it. It was six in the morning and it still came out nice. It was a blessing.

Fred The Godson is a rapper from The Bronx, New York. Aside from his work with Jim Jones, he worked alongside Diddy on the track "Daddy Gettin' Money" and was inducted into the XXL 2011 Freshman Class.

Check out the Jim Jones track "I'll be Back" featuring Fred The Godson and Meek below.

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