Guest Star: "I've Been Putting It Down For So Long & Still Not Getting The Recognition I Deserve"

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2011 4:20PM

Written by SOHH for A-Mafia

[With the new release of his My Side of the Story circulating online, Harlem's A-Mafia gives you the rundown on his highly-anticipated project.]

I really feel like this is called My Side of the Story because there's a lot of rappers that come from my city, Harlem specifically, but that's not the only story. I've got my story too. I'm someone in Harlem that wants to tell everyone my side. That's all.

People from anywhere can relate to what I'm talking about on here. Even though I'm from Harlem and I might scream, "Harlem!" on my records, I keep my records universal. There's a ghetto everywhere. You're gonna get my swag and my style, that Harlem swag and style, but you're gonna be able to relate no matter where you're from.

I haven't been working on this project very long because I just dropped my last tape in March. It doesn't really take an artist a very long time to put together a tape. It's really not that long. Fans of my music are going to see this is the same stuff I've always talked about.

The big difference on this is the beats that you hear. But you'll also notice I got a little bit more aggressive on here just because I've been putting it down for so long and I'm still not getting the recognition that I feel I deserve. That doesn't make me mad. It makes me more hungrier and more aggressive on this tape. So you're going to hear that aggression and see [that] I'm a little more advanced with my raps.

I really tried to keep this in-house. I believe when you build an empire, you should keep it as tight as possible. You can't [see] a thousand people trying to build an empire. So I really worked with one guy, his name is Gotti Gator. He's from Springfield, Massachusetts. He complements my sound on every level.

A-Mafia is a rapper from Harlem, New York. He has started rapping at the age of 15 while he was incarcerated. Mafia is known for his close ties with the Diplomats, Dipset's A&R Duke Da God and other key New York artists.

To download the new mixtape, just click here.

Check out My Side of the Story below:

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