Guest Star: "It's Not Personal W/ Me & Eminem Or Slaughterhouse, There's Just A Certain Kind of Arrogance Over There"

Friday, Aug 19, 2011 12:30PM

Written by SOHH for Benzino

[In between discussing his latest project, Caezar, Boston rapper Benzino took some time to share his opinion on the recent Rolling Stone article crowning his former rival Eminem "The King of Hip Hop" as well as discuss the Shady Records group, Slaughterhouse.]

It's not personal with me and Eminem or Slaughterhouse. There's just a certain kind of arrogance over there and hypocrisy that goes on with that side that burns me the f*ck up. When they talk about Watch The Throne it's not a problem, but if I say something about [Em] hell breaks loose. These n*ggas go against pop music and now they are pop music.

If they would just humble up a little bit, then everything would be alright.

I never had a problem with Joe Budden. I used to see Crooked I when I was out in L.A. I never met Royce and I think I might have kicked it with Joell around Nore a couple of times. There's nothing personal against these n*ggas and I hope they don't take it like that. But at the end of the day, I'm callin' it like I see it.

I don't mind bein' the bad guy of the industry because I don't care about that.

I never met Eminem personally to have a personal issue beef with him. But all I'm saying is that he's overrated. If he was black would he sell as many records as he does, would Rolling Stone say he's the King of Hip Hop and would he be gettin' all these opportunities?

The people that run Hip Hop are trying to push [a certain] perception out there. How come all hell breaks loose when somebody says somethin' about this kid? Hip Hop's always been competitive, man. Its not that serious. How come when it comes down to this kid its a problem?

It's a big thing to say he's the King of Hip Hop and I basically predicted this. Don't [people] realize by saying he's King that it leaves a long lasting impression on these kids and that it's f*ckin' up Hip Hop? If everything is about lyrics, well dude's nice. But guess what? I'm nice too and there's a whole lotta other nice n*ggas out there too.

How is [Rolling Stone] judgin' everybody? Is it by lyrics? By songs? Because I don't think anyone out there rides around bangin' Eminem in the hood. How is he gonna go in on every pop artist back in the day and now he's the most pop artist out?

My new body of work [Ceazar] is definitely hotter than their "Bad Meets Evil" project. Like what is that song [they have] with Bruno Mars? What is that for little thirteen year old girls? Cuz that sh*t is some pop bullsh*t.

Honestly, if you listen to the music he's doin' its like white-washed bullsh*t. But, since they all get advertising money its big bank take little bank and everybody else is f*cked.

Benzino is a rapper from Boston, Mass. His lastest mixtape, Caezar, will be available online soon for free download.

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