SOHH Whatcha Think: Is The Hood Still Checkin' For A Dipset Reunion? 3 Acts That Broke Up Too Soon [Click Here & Speak]

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011 2:00AM

Written by J. Bachelor

Ruff Ryders. G-Unit. NWA. Some teams combine like Voltron and create a movement that takes Hip Hop by storm.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of]

Its more than the music: An act's energy allows them to capture an era. And while no team stays on top forever, some have a respectable run while others leave fans with a hunger for more.

In a recent interview Dipset Capo Jim Jones revealed plans to reconnect with fellow Set member Cam'ron to release a new project.

"It's a grinding process. I think me and Killa's Fly Boy album will come out right before the Diplomat album," Jones revealed in an interview referring to him and Cam'rom. "It's an album that we set out to do years ago when we first started the Diplomat movement and we was setting up the different albums that we were doing under Diplomat Records." (Invasion Radio)

Whether its outside forces, internal conflict or straight up ego trippin', when a group disinergrates, then attempts to reunite, there is always a question of how successful their efforts will be. The rap game moves fast -- fans will bang your music tonight with no promise that they'll love you in the morning.

Which leads to our question of the day -- Is the hood still checkin' for Dipset?

When the Dips turned in their two weeks notice years ago, their movement still had potential to r. Let's look at 3 other teams/groups broke up too soon.

The Firm

Nas and AZ, throw in Foxy and Nature and you have 90's group The Firm.

Sure, their debut album fell below the expectation of listeners and critics alike, but the group split before the potential for something greater was given a chance to blossom. AZ recently confirmed that he and Nas would be planning something in the near future, if not another Firm album, hopefully the duo cook up a collabo effort for the fans.

Little Brother

Little Brother (Hip Hop Breakups)
Little Brother: Dope beats. Dope rhymes.

Phonte, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder were the closest thing to A Tribe Called Quest rap had seen in years. "Dope beats, dope rhymes" was a mantra that they not only lived, but did quite well. Was it ego? Money? Had the artists outgrown the group? Depends on who you ask. But while there are talks of a 9th/Tigallo effort in the works, don't hold your breath for another full-fledged LB album. Shame.

The Roc Boys

State Property (Happy Birthday Jay-Z)
No dynasty lasts forever.

In the early 2000s, it seemed like Jay and Dame went to Pennsylvania and snatched up any kid with a rhyme book and fitted cap. The label that had once been New York based suddenly looked like the mob that drove Will outta Philly and sent him packing to Bel-Air. The State Property albums and films aside, the Roc-A-Fella caused sent several of their artists back to the block without a solo album ever being released.

By no means is this list all inclusive. Every few years, the tale is the same: A new team swoops in and reminds the industry to protect its neck. But when a team splits, they've got a small time frame with which they can return with rep intact.

SOHH Watcha Think -- Is the hood still checkin' for Dip Set?

Check out this video highlighting an artist who was once part of a major group movement. Peep the new track starring ex G-Unit member Game featuring Drake, titled "Good Girls Go Bad."

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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