Guest Star: "I'm No One To Be Preaching To Anyone Else"

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 12:05AM

Written by J. Bachelor for Malice

[One half of the Virginia rap duo The Clipse, Malice took a break from his book tour to update SOHH on his journey from the sound booth to the author's table.]

I haven't been more fulfilled by anything I've done musically, than I am with this book. 100 percent by far. By far. I've been traveling and doing book signings for the past two or three months. Touring a book is [alot] like touring an album. Anything you can find on a music tour is still readily available on a book tour. With touring music, we had a real personal fanbase, but with this, it's a little more personal.

I'm not fakin' with nothin' I'm doing, man: I'm no one to be preaching to anyone else. The story is my story. My words. My work. It comes from experiences, pain and suffering and joyful times. All from me, and the responses I've gotten have been overwhelming.

One thing that people are getting is that they understand my lyrics alot more clearer. I tell my story and if you can identify with it, good.

Thiry-Two is another book I'm working on with my manager, who's incarcerated. All of our friends and management got indicted and they're in jail. My manager got sentenced to 32 years. The book is gonna tell about his life, before the rap game and how the drugs came into play ... and how it [all] ended.

Rapper-turned-author Malice is currently touring his debut book "Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked" which is available now. Upcoming projects include a second book entitled, "32" and "Hear Ye, Him" a mixtape.

Check out this Malice interview below:

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