Guest Star: "I'm Like A Drug Addict When It Comes To Beats"

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2011 1:15PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Ski Beatz

[Fresh off the release of his compilation album 24 Hour Karate School 2, producer Ski Beatz discusses the motivation that has fueled his legendary career as well as the unique way a few artists found themselves featured on the project.]

When it comes to making music, I could break it down [my process] and be technical, but how I really do it [forms out of] just a love of the music. I'm like a drug addict when it comes to beats: trying to make a track to top the one before it. It's like a never-ending chase for the perfect beat. That's my motivation. Think about a painter. They have a blank canvas, they don't know what they're about to paint. Next thing you know, BOOM -- they have this masterpiece. And the coolest part is this: the beat that you made? Once its finished you put it to the side and make a whole 'nother one.

My latest project is called 24 Hour Karate School Part 2 and is the second installment of the series. Just like with [my production on] Curren$y's Pilot Talk -- I had records for this project already [waiting] after part one was done. But after part one [was released] it took me about two months before I started working on this one. I kinda gave myself a little break before I jumped back in it. Its giving the people that non-watered down, straight from the heart Hip Hop sh*t. On this installment you can expect to hear Mikey Rocks, Freddie Gibbs, Locksmith, Stat Quo, we even got Dame Dash's nephew -- Da$h on it.

I don't be invitin' artists to be a part of the projects, alot of times its the higher powers that [arrange that]. Or sometimes, things just happen and [me and artists] cross paths. Like Cassidy, he had a meeting with Dame Dash, and I'm just there makin' a beat in front of 'em and all of a sudden we got a song. It's amazing how things work out.

Another example: An artist named Locksmith. I had heard some of his music online and met him a few years ago briefly and told him I was gonna send him a beat, which I never did. A year passed by and I see another video of Locksmith on YouTube but this time he threw my name in a rhyme:

"Yo, Ski Beatz said he had something special for me/ A year later, I guess he wasn't checkin' for me." - Locksmith

So right after I heard that line, I automatically reached out to him. The stuff he was spittin' was so hip-hop, so I finally got him to the [studio] and we did a whole album that's about to drop soon.

[My motto?] Let's [make music] forever. Until they say, "Yo Ski -- get outta here." Know what I mean? Why not -- we havin' fun.

A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, producer Ski Beatz has been the creative force behind a few of the most memorable over the past several years. His production credits include "Luchini" by Camp Lo, Curren$y's Pilot Talk as well as several tracks from Jay-Z's debut album Reasonable Doubt. His latest project, 24-Hour Karate School 2 is available now.

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