Singled Out: "[We] Were Like, What's Gonna Have Jay-Z & Kanye West Really Excited?"

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011 3:20PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Verse Simmonds

[SOHH highlights a newly-released single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Kurupt explained his "Samyrda" track, Verse Simmonds reflects on a journey that led to him masterminding the Jay-Z/Kanye West track "Who Gon Stop Me".]

I've always been a fan of Jay-Z and Kanye. They're legends, man.

You know what being a part of this project feels like? It feels like the "Made It In America" record with Frank Ocean. Its a blessing to have things begin to go my way. I went from St. Thomas to Florida, from Florida to California to Atlanta just chasing this music thing. To come from overseas ... a place where you could only dream of doin' something like this ... is amazing.

We wanted a tune that would really be fire. Me and my partner Shama locked in the studio for like a week and just focused on music. It was like, "Yo, what is it that [Jay and Kanye] really need? What's a tune that 's gonna really have them excited?"

This [particular] track "Who Gon Stop Me" has a new sound that hasn't really been incorporated in hip-hop. Dubstep has been around has been around for a minute, but its never had a hip-hop feel to it, especially not in America. So that was kinda the idea and concept we decided to go with.

The [creation process] for "Who Gon Stop Me" was a fast process. Once we managed the beat, I came up with the hook and it was a perfect marriage. We laid it down ... and people were saying I sound so much like Kanye on that record that they kept me on there.

Coming from The Virgin Islands, this was my only dream. I haven't been home [St. Thomas] since the album came out, there's so much goin' on. But I've been doing alotta radio interviews and alotta people are hittin' me up like, "I can't belive that's you who did that beat for Watch The Throne."

Born in Puerto Rico but raised in St. Thomas, Verse Simmonds moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where he met a young producer/songwriter/engineer named Shama Joseph. Since then he has worked on several major label productions. He recently inked a deal with BuVision | Konvict Music and his upcoming project, Stories of a Bachelor, is coming soon.

Check out the Verse Simmond's produced track "Who Gon Stop Me" below:

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