Underrated: "[He Made] The Best Hip-Hop Album I've Heard In A Really Long Time"

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Rah Digga

[SOHH features a new entertainment personality each week to speak on who they feel is the most underrated artist. After K. Gaines gave Rah Digga the title earlier this week, the former Flipmode Squad lady emcee now crowns eLZhi as SOHH Underrated.]

Elzhi (SOHH Underrated)

Who is the most underrated, hmm. Let me think about this. I think eLZhi, formerly of Slum Village, is very underrated. He just recently did a live version of Nas' Illmatic and it is the best hip-hop album that I've heard in a really, really, really long time.

It just moves me that [the project] didn't get more notoriety. It moves me that it didn't get more notoriety being that Illmatic was such a classic album. You know it ain't too many people that can really compare to Nas.

I think eLZhi did a real stand-up job. He took his own approach for the project. I think for someone to even have the courage to attempt to cover Nas is big. That had to have took guts in itself. What he did with it is just out of this world.

Rah Digga is a hip-hop veteran, known as a long-time member of Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad. She has been called "one of rap's most prominent women MCs" and latest solo album, Classic, dropped in fall 2010.

Check out eLZhi's music below:

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