Singled Out: Consequence f/ Big Pooh and Elzhi, "Crying Broke"

Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011 5:10PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Rapper Big Pooh

[SOHH highlights a newly-released single each week and offers a unique look at the song and its message. After Fred The Godson spoke on his "I'll Be Back" collabo, North Carolina emcee Big Pooh dissects why rap facade leaves many popular artists "Crying Broke".]

 For those that's not on the inside [of the music industry], the perception is that those that appear to have [money and cars] are doin' it. But that's not necessarily the case. A major artist that the world knows about may not really have anything, but then there's an artist like Tech N9ne. Of course his fan base knows him, but a lot of people don't. [Tech's] company cleared over 15 million last year or the year before last.

Some of the people claiming to have those things don't really have anything. Some of the people that you think are just broke, tree-huggin' backpack rappers have a whole bunch. Know what I'm sayin?

I met Consequence back in '03 or '04. We kinda just kept in touch from there. It was right before The College Dropout came out at a conference down in North Carolina. That's when I first met Kanye.

We had lost each others number, but thanks to Twitter, we were able to get back in contact. Consequence [contacted me] via Twitter and was like, "Yo I wanna get you on a song [for] Movies on Demand 3." I was like, "No doubt."

We weren't in the studio together. He ended up shootin' me the beat and he rapped his verse to me over the phone, just so I could know what direction he was going in. From top to bottom [my verse] probably took me about 45 minutes to write.

It's funny cause I didn't even know Elzhi was on the song until the day it came out. The first time I worked with Elzhi was for The Minstrel Show, so knowing him goes back to those days. As far as the way he put his patterns together and some of the metaphors he chooses to use, he's definitely one of the craziest. I think he's one of the dopest doin' it.

Big Pooh is a rapper from North Carolina. Formerly of the rap group Little Brother, he is currently working on the debut of his solo album "Dirty, Pretty Things".

Check out "Crying Broke" below

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