5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Beats By Dre": "Dr. Dre Took His Time [Putting] Something He Felt Proud About Out"

Monday, Aug 29, 2011 8:00PM

Written by SOHH for Beats by Dre Team

[As class is now back in session, SOHH is helping students make a strong return to school by bringing them some of the flyest gear to rock this semester. Today, the Beats By Dre team give you their Top 5 reasons to cop Dr. Dre's signature headphones line.]

1. Magnum Size

With Beats, you feel the music, not the headphones. Spacious earcups give you extra room for a higher level of listening comfort. With Beats, you can hear everything. You can hear every beat. Highs. Mids. Lows. Everything is super, super clear. It doesn't matter what genre of music you're listening to. Classical music, jazz music; it sounds completely different than other headphones.

2. Legendary Status

Each Beats product is tuned by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, so you can listen to your favorite music the way artists intended. You get the feel of being in the studio with your favorite artist. You'll be able to cancel out all the noise around you and just enjoy your music. Jimmy Iovine is the founder and president of Interscope Records, Geffen A&M. Dr. Dre is a legendary record producer and hip-hop artist. They are the founders of Beats By Dre, collectively. The conversation started in 2006 but the first headphones were released in 2008. So you can tell that with that much time, Dre took his time to put something he felt proud about out. Compared to other headphone brands, Dre didn't just think about it and do it. He thought about it and made sure what he put out was exactly what he wanted to put out.

3. The Dr. Dre Workout Plan

Need great headphones for gym class? Beats has you covered with Powerbeats; you get the same great sound you get in our standard headphones, in an ear. Great for working out. Powerbeats by Dr. Dre are in-ear headphones. They're made with an around-the-ear kind of clip so you can clip it on your ear and it won't fall off. They're designed specifically for training. They're proofed for the sun and sweat-proof.

4. Color Me Dre

Beats By Dre headphones come in three great colors, red, black, & white. Match your headphones to your kicks, clothes & accessories. We made a set for Justin Bieber. That sold out. Almost every product comes in red, black and white. You may have seen customs because other people want to do things with Beats. We made some for LeBorn James, and the Packers and Steelers along with NBA teams. Kobe Bryant has yellow ones.

5. Phone Home

Ready for your phone, stay connected without missing a beat. Beats comes with music phone compatible headphone cable with built-in answer button and microphone so you can easily stop rockin' and start talkin'.

You Decide. Will you purchase Beats By Dre?

To purchase some Beats By Dre, just click here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when we feature a video game delight that's sure to tackle down your best buds.

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