5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Beach Cruiser": "You're Gonna Find Out Why Birdman Signed Me"

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 3:30PM

Written by SOHH for Glasses Malone

[With the new release of his long-awaited Beach Cruiser solo album, West Coast rapper Glasses Malone gives you the Top 5 reasons to cop his Cash Money Records debut.]

1. I Swear To Tell The Whole Truth

One reason why you should buy my album is because it's great music. What I did with this record is pure. It has a little cut on it because I had to do what I had to do for my major label, Cash Money, but it's real pure and honest. The way I went about making it and how I felt, it's no cuts. It's really my rawest emotions. There really ain't nothing turned back about this record. That's what's popular right now. Honest music. I think it's really honest and it's really giving everybody an element of me as well as what's really going on in California, with my vantage point on it.

2. No Scrubs

The second reason is because there ain't really no wack YMCMB projects out there. It ain't really too many wack ones at all. Any artist that's signed to YMCMB, you have to be nice. You have to be pure. There ain't no way in getting around it. You also have to be very unique. As much as anybody feels everybody in Cash Money is the same, everybody is really different, as am I. So this has that YMCMB stamp. I don't really know if that means much to anybody but in real life, Cash Money Records is a real legendary label and they don't have a history of really having wack artists. You have to be good at what you do. You're gonna find out why Birdman and them signed me. Why Mack-10 signed me. This is what I do great.

3. Ambitions Of A Rider

Beach Cruiser's original release date was March 2007. You feel me? So this is really going on four years. It'll be four and a half years that I've waited to put out this album. I didn't chicken out and I didn't b*tch out. Don't get me wrong, I still do a lot of things in the streets but I didn't turn my back on rap. A lot of the people that came into this with me don't f*ck around with it anymore. It's not they primary focus. They went back to life because music left such a sour taste in their mouth. Me? I stuck it out and rode it out through all of the bullsh*t. Don't get me wrong, all praises to God and Birdman, Mack-10 and Lil Wayne's given me a clear head to do it, but I stuck it out. I didn't b*tch out and quit. I didn't let this make me bitter and make me quit. I didn't change my album title or anything. I just rode it out to get to this point that I'm at now.

4. Energy From My Inner G

Honestly, you haven't heard gangsta rap like this in a long time. You hear a lot of gangsta reality music but not gangsta rap. At least not the way that I'm doing it. You hear a lot of people talking about the perks of it and the greatness of it. Or you have other people who's kind of soft that's against it. But you don't hear anybody talking from within it. You don't hear me talking the gangster life, that's what I do. Even though I do music and f*ck with everybody, I'm still [from the hood.] So even though I talk about it, I'm not removed. It's a real look at gangsta rap. It's like a real look at all of the sh*t that a real gang banger goes through. Being a real gang banger, you go through some sh*t. You got a lot of people talking gangsta sh*t that might not be gangstas or gang members or gang bangers.

5. Let The Dollar Circulate

The last reason why I want people to buy my album is because I'm finna get some motherf*cking money. So if I was at your job, and you had something dope for sell, even if you had some incense that smelled good, I would buy it. I'm a real n*gga about it. Real n*ggas do real things. Support a real n*gga. I'm trying to get this real money. I'm trying to move from getting $200,000 a year up to $800,000 a year. Help me get some of this money like I'd help you get some money.

You Decide. Will you purchase Beach Cruiser?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Peep Glasses Malone's "Eastsidin'" music video below:

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