"Ayo Rick Ross -- C'mon Out And Pop These N*ggas Over The Head"

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Guest Star: "Ayo Rick Ross -- C'mon Out And Pop These N*ggas Over The Head"

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011 1:20PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Kurupt

[With two decades of experience under his belt, Kurupt has shared stage time with many influential artists. Today the rapper/executive producer reflects on how he helped introduce a burgeoning, would-be rap mogul to a crowd of thousands.]

I'mma tell you the real: The last CD that I personally bought was Rick Ross' Teflon Don.

You cottd*mn skippy -- Teflon Don was the last physical CD I went to Best Buy like, "I gotta get this," and ran in the store to buy that muthaf*cka."

Ricky Ross is not playin'. That's my n*gga.

I remember a show that me and Daz had a show (this was back when Daz workin' with Jermaine Dupri and So So Def out in Atlanta. The show was set up to promote Daz's album at the time.

When me and Daz went out and performed our original gangsta sh*t, the older crowd was lovin' it -- but the young South crowd that wasn't around for [Tha Dogg Pound era] didn't recognize the music and they wanted something new.

Me and Daz just looked at each other and was like, "Ok. We got somethin' for you young muthaf*ckas. Ayo [Rick] Ross-- c'mon out and pop these n*ggas over the head."

Me and Daz brought Ross out to do "Hustlin'". At that time it was a fresh record, it had just come out Rick Ross started performing and the whole arena went wild.

We've been f*ckin' with Ross since the beginning, so it's nothing new to us that he's as successful as he is today.

Check out the Kurupt track "Samaryda" featuring Kojoe and Raekwon


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