News: Amber Rose's Twitter Page Hacked, "Wiz Khalifa, F*ck You You B*tch A** N*gga! It's Over"

Saturday, Aug 27, 2011 11:07AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Video vixen Amber Rose has become the latest celebrity victim to have her Twitter page temporarily hacked and infested with libelous tweets.

Rose hit up Twitter early Saturday (August 27) to clear the air.

"OMG! Someone Hacked my twitter!!! Changing password now Sorry Rosebuds," she tweeted. (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Prior to deleting the tweets, the hacker's messages called out her current boyfriend/rapper Wiz Khalifa.

"@RealWizKhalifa f*ck you you b*tch a** n*gga ! Its over. U aint sh*t, just like that @kanyewest b*tch a** ! #n*ggasaintsh*t #backtogirls4me."
"I'm COMPLETELY done with MEN!!!!!!" (Amber Rose's Twitter)

Last month, Rick Ross' Twitter page was hacked by a 50 Cent impersonator.

Late last night, Rick Ross and 50 Cent's followers were shocked to see Rick Ross' Twitter account name listed as '50 Cent' with the same profile image & description as the real 50 Cent. After a few episodes of hilarity, it became clear without a doubt that Rozay's account had been hacked by someone. (Hip Hop N More)

In March, Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne delved into his issues with Twitter after fighting through hacks.

"I just shut my Twitter account down because it got hacked," Wayne revealed in an interview with Paris Hilton for Interview Magazine. "Once it got hacked I had Twitter fix it. They changed it. And then it got hacked again so I just shut it down. As of right now, I'm on Twitter strike." (Interview Magazine)

Check out some recent Amber Rose footage below:

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