5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Akoo Clothing": "Whether T.I.'s In Atlanta Or NYC, He's Rocking Akoo"

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 4:15PM

Written by SOHH for Jeff Belizaire

[As class is now back in session, SOHH is helping students make a strong return to school by bringing them some of the flyest gear to rock this semester. Today, T.I.'s Akoo Clothing marketing director Jeff Belizaire gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop the King of the South's signature line.]

1. Gangsta & A Gentleman

AKOO is a menswear line. We don't sell or make female gear yet. The first reason why folks should consider buying it is because it's a men's fashion wear brand at its best. It's never been any better than where it's at today. And as a result, AKOO Clothing has done a really good job capturing what's hot and what's trending. We've also done a great job in translating for guys from all different backgrounds so they can rock the gear. We have something in our collection for everybody. AKOO is probably the most versatile, contemporary men's collection with urban, hip-hop roots. We come from the same places as the Rocawear's and Sean John's, but what we do differently than those brands and others is that we've done a really good job in translating what's current and making sure it's wearable, comfortable and stylish.

2. Wipe Me Down

I think with this upcoming Back to School season, AKOO is really, really, really good with the color schemes and patterns. AKOO is a versatile brand that does a great job at designing clothes that work well with other pieces and accessories. The cool thing about AKOO Clothing is that it is very easy to accessorize, easy to dress up and dress down; it is something you can wear while chilling with your boys or while watching the game or on a night out with your girl..

3. Swagger Like Him

T.I. is the creative inspiration behind the brand. In terms of style he is one of the few guys in hip-hop who can easily move from the street to chic while rocking AKOO. From his studio in Atlanta to a fashion show in New York, T.I.'s wearing AKOO with swag.

4. The Price Is Right

In terms of our pricing, [our range is based] in terms of the quality [of our clothes]. We are a very, very high quality contemporary menswear line. Our denim is super, super strong and people compare our denim to [those of] top fashion lines. So when you're paying for our clothes, you know that you're getting quality. You know that you can keep AKOO in your closet for years and years and years because we make timeless pieces. So, we are not cheap. We don't want to be cheap. We pride ourselves in this. We feel our brand is aspirational enough that people will some day want to aspire to afford Akoo and we're sold next to the best brands in our category.

5. International Flavor

This is actually probably the most exciting year we've had with the brand. We've had a lot of supporters like Big Boi and folks who were really close to T.I.'s camp. But recently, since the line has been growing, tremendously, we've been exposed and adopted by a wider range of individuals. [New York Yankees outfielder] Curtis Granderson called us up and said not only is he buying and rocking Akoo, but he said, "Hey, I want to be one of your brand ambassadors." He's having an all-star year and he's now one of the faces of our brand. Not only that, [actor] Hosea Chanchez who plays on BET's "The Game" is also one of our ambassadors. He gave us a call because he was rocking and buying AKOO and wanted to be a part of the movement. The latest person who is a part of the Grand Hustle family is B.o.B. He's featured currently in our Fall Fashion campaign. He really represents the best of our brand where he takes the street and grinds it with influences in the world and turns it into his own art form. That's what we feel AKOO is.

You Decide. Will you purchase Akoo Clothing?

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