Singled Out: "Ain't No Fiction Or Fantasy On The Sh*t Young Jeezy Raps..."

Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011 11:10AM

Written by J. Bachelor for Killer Mike

[SOHH highlights a newly-released single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After Rapper Big Pooh broke down his "Crying Broke" collabo cut, Killer Mike explains why he chose to team up with Young Jeezy for the Atlanta party record "Going Out on the Town".]

[My last single] "Burn" was a social commentary [record]. Economically people are suffering, the education system is suffering. The church ain't helpin' nobody. So Burn was a social protest song.

But people can't protest everyday.

Most of the time people just say forget it and accept things. The way people adjust is to go out on a weekend and party -- smoke a little, drink a little ... jell a little. If I can't change the world I'll just have to change my environment. Havin' fun is like therapy.

So the next video is "Go Out on the Town" with me and Young Jeezy. I think the first time I met Jeezy was back when he was slangin' his first CD. Think he might still have been going by [the name] Lil' J at that time. His flow was a lil' more rapid at the time and I loved his content. We knew some of the same people, so I knew he was way official. It's been official ever since then.

Once I made the first verse for "Go out on The Town" it just felt like some Atlanta sh*t. Partying is a whole lifestyle in Atlanta. I'm kinda drawin' from that BMF era of the party scene, so who else I'm gonna get besides Jeezy? It was a wrap for me. Those are his people for real -- ain't no fiction or fantasy on the sh*t that Jeezy raps. I had always wanted to find a song that he had the potential to be dope as f*ck on. I hit 'em up and asked him, "Yo would you do it?"

He was like, "Bring it to the studio," and we made a dope a** record.

We got some more comin', but I definitely wanted people to hear a dope a** club banger with us.

Killer Mike is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked alongside other Southern artists such as T.I., Outkast and Pastor Troy. In addition to his debut album "Monster" he is best known for his work with Big Boi, the controversial video Burn and his mixtape series "I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind."

Check out Killer Mike's "Go Out on the Town" featuring Young Jeezy

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