SOHH Whatcha Think: Who's Scared Of The Big Bad Freddie Gibbs? 5 Rappers He Won't Diss. [Click Here & Speak]

Friday, Jul 8, 2011 12:05AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Me. Me and me. Do not get it twisted, just because I type comfortably in my own closed in space does not mean I feel invincible and untouchable to a rapper like Freddie Gibbs hailing from the mean streets of....Indiana?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of]

To call Freddie Gibbs the new rap bully would almost feel like an understatement. Sure, he may be smiles and come from a region no where closely associated with stereotypical "Gangster Rap" (the West), "Flashy Rap" (the East) and "Trap Rap" (the South) but believe you me, "Gangsta Gibbs" is reason enough not to think twice.

The interesting thing about Freddie is he is brutally honest, or so it would seem, with his analysis of other rappers and hardly, if ever, sugarcoats his perception of underground to mainstream rappers. I am talking about having taken shots at Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Lil B, Maybach Music Group, Wale, Big Sean, and well, pretty much anyone who is not closely in partnership with his Corporate Thugz Entertainment boss, Young Jeezy.

If I had to be a betting man, I think I could name five artists Gibbs will likely never go after. Sure, Cashis may have ruffled his feathers this week, which was promptly followed by a Twitter beef, but I think there are five superstar status rappers not even Freddie could handle.

1. Young Jeezy

freddie-gibbs-2011-05-03-300x300.jpgYoung Jeezy

This is pretty obvious. Collaborating with Young Jeezy is one thing but then when you sign a recording contract with him. Well, I will put it to you this way. We all know what happened with Young Buck and 50 Cent. Need I say any more?

2. 50 Cent

freddie-gibbs-2011-05-03-300x300.jpg50 Cent

Even though a few months ago I would have not included Fif's name here, I definitely see him getting a pass by Freddie. Playing a somewhat six degrees of separation, it looks like this. Freddie is signed to Young Jeezy. Check. Young Jeezy is close friends with Shawty Lo. Check. Shawty Lo is signed to G-Unit. Check. G-Unit is run by 50 Cent. Get it? Although I feel like 50 is more about unity these days anyway, I cannot help but think he is invulnerable to a possible Gibbs beef.

3. Jay-Z


Much like the analysis above, I could never see Gibbs going at Young Hov. Just think about how Jay-Z put on for Jeezy. Pun intended. Jeezy even blessed Hov's Blueprint III. There's no getting around it. In some way or manner, Jay is known for making Jeezy's records hotter. From "Go Crazy" to "My President Is Black" to "Put On For My City."

4. Eminem


Say what you want about Gibbs and Cashis going at one another. Despite Cashis being signed to Em's Shady Records, I feel Gibbs is comfortable at going back at a soldier instead of the lieutenant. Em said it best on "White America" and the hype is real. Anything Em touches usually either goes platinum or becomes destroyed, depending on his desire. Do not believe it, then just look at what happened with the Ja Rule and Benzino beefs and the impact they had on his career.

5. Freddie Gibbs

freddie-gibbs-2011-05-03-300x300.jpgFreddie Gibbs

Sorry folks, but unless your favorite rapper was listed in 1-4, I think he/she is liable for a diss in the future given certain circumstances. The only other artist I believe Gibbs would never diss is himself. Sure, Cassidy has gone after The Hustler and even T.I. took on T.I.P., but Gibbs versus Gibbs? You are dreaming.

SOHH Whatcha Think?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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