5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "When Fish Ride Bicycles": "We Were Trying To Stab People In The Ears"

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011 12:45PM

Written by SOHH for The Cool Kids

[With today's release of When Fish Ride Bicycles, The Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks tally up their Top 5 reasons you should dig in your pockets for their long-awaited debut album.]

1. Stir Crazy

It's excellent. We got Wesley Snipes on the album, he did a few beats on there. Hahaha. Just playing. The overall project is just crazy. We really worked on this for a while and got really good at doing what we do. We haven't been forced to do anything that we didn't want to do for years now. So that creates crazy music because usually by this time somebody will get you and direct what you're doing a little bit. But we've been crazy free for years now. We're crazy free to do anything we want to do. Now we got really good at doing that because we've had a lot of practice and nobody stood in our way. -Mikey Rocks

2. Are We There Yet?

We worked on this for three straight years. We're really good at sh*t. If we work at sh*t for that long, it's probably gonna turn out a lot better than we expected. Besides the Neptunes joints where I completely stepped back and let Pharrell do what he does best, I did most of the production. With Pharrell, you don't just go into the gym and tell legends what you want to do. You sit and see what they got for you. Besides that, it was pretty much Neptunes sanding off things I already did. It was different because I usually do everything and this is a record where two of our more stand out tracks were done by somebody else. It was cool because I became just a rapper for a couple of hours. That's what balances out our record because I went crazy. -Chuck Inglish

3. Dat Piff

This ain't just no release. We were trying to stab people in the ears. Mixtapes don't take no work. Mixtapes are just us practicing. They're nothing compared to what our records are like. Our mixtapes were mixed. You get what I'm saying? We don't have a mixtape that's not blended by a deejay. We usually themed ours like Gone Fishing. It was like deejay team-ups. It was about doing records that put them down and us too. This right here is an album and it's not even in the same realm as a mixtape. That whole mixtape lane doesn't apply to us. We stuck to what we knew. Every mixtape that we've done has been with a deejay and actually mixed. -Mikey Rocks

4. Do The Dew

We're doing something with Mountain Dew [Green Label] that people really haven't tried before. We first wanted to execute it and think it's going to be a success. This is a relief and we're glad to finally have it out. We've been anticipating this day for a long time and a lot of our fans have too. Everybody is excited and everyone is on board to finally be dropping this. It's our first one and I feel like we're just now finally getting started. This is the first actual album that we're dropping and we're about to play ball. -Chuck Inglish

5. Unpredictable

The name of the album is called When Fish Ride Bicycles. That just goes to show you we're out of our minds. We're nuts. -Mikey Rocks

You Decide. Will you purchase When Fish Ride Bicycles?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out a couple album songs below:

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