5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Triple Black Kamikaze": "$100? [You] May Even Cop Two!"

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011 12:20PM

Written by SOHH for Damion Presson

[With the new release of Swizz Beatz's The Triple Kamikaze sneaker, Reebok's New Classics Product Manager Damion Presson gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop the new kicks.]

1. It's Shoooowtime

First and foremost, I would say you should get these because it's Swizz Beatz. He's a very creative mind and [is an] innovator. He's extremely talented and Reebok is very lucky to have a partnership with Swizz Beatz because he has a huge influence being a tastemaker. He's very fashionable and as you've seen with what's going on with the blogs, virally, he's single-handedly made Reebok relevant and hot again using the Kamikaze. It's a shoe he had a lot of influence on. That would definitely be one of my reasons, having Swizz Beatz who is a very fashionable person.

2. Throwback Vibes

What we did with the Kamikaze is looked back at some of our heritage models [such as] the original Kamikaze [shoe]. I'm sure some kids are aware of this, but it was worn by [former NBA star] Shawn Kemp in the mid-1990's and what we wanted to do was look back at those heritage models and see how we could modernize that look. We wanted to do something that was unique and different. As kids are still wearing Jordans and Air Force 1's, we wanted to give the consumer something different and something different that you typically wouldn't see from Reebok.

3. Always Bet On Black

Let's go with the shoe being black. Black goes with everything. I don't think you can go wrong with a black shoe. Triple Black is always a winner with any neighborhood. You can always put on black. Funny story is we had tons of colors and I was actually on the set of "Reebok's Back" and was wearing the Triple Black's. I had several colors there for the video shoot, but the one video that everyone on the set including the artists responded to was the Triple Black. So it just shows me no matter what, kids always respond to all black shoes. I'm assuming it's just easier to hook up your gear with. We just had our basketball camp this past week and all of the kids really responded to the Triple Black shoes.

4. Money In The Bank

The price is definitely key especially now with us coming out of the recession. Money is still tight around here and we're not priced at the $160, $200 mark. We're priced at $100 which is very rare when you look at the brand and the come out with shoes especially when you see Swizz Beatz come out with this shoe and have him endorse it. You would think having an artist or athlete attached to it, $100 doesn't make you think twice. "$100? I may even cop two." That's what they're doing with Jordans. They're going from $150, $160 and $180 depending on the shoe. I think [the] price is a reason to buy them.

5. Kid N Play

They're very comfortable. We've actually had some kids play in them and walk around with them on. There have been no complaints and so they're very comfortable. It's tough for me to even compare the shoe to any other. It's in a class of its own in terms of comfort. The style and how you can actually rock them is important. It's a mid cut shoe and it really goes well with jeans. A lot of kids are rocking it with jeans and it also looks good with shorts. You can play ball in them as well. It crosses over to how you can wear the shoe. Kids want to look good and feel good. That's what we wanted to do with the shoe.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new Triple Black Kamikaze?

To purchase the new kicks, just click here.

Check out Swizz Beatz's Triple Kamikaze below:

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