Singled Out: Trae Tha Truth f/ Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale, "I'm On"

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011 3:35PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Trae Tha Truth

[SOHH highlights a newly-released track each week and offers a unique look at the song and its message. To start things off, Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth discusses the formation of his track, "I'm On".]

One of the homies from Houston, a producer named Cy Fire made the beat and sent it to me; this was a while back. Around that time, Bun B was teaching at [Rice University] in Houston. Lupe, Malice (of The Clipse) and Talib Kweli were in town and we went out [to see Bun]. Later that night me and Lupe went to my house and knocked it our verses. We were the first two to get on the track. Big Boi did his [verse] next, then I sent it to Wale. At that point, the song was considered done.

Whenever Wiz Khalifa is out touring, sometimes I pop up at [his shows] as a special guest. We were in Alabama, if Im not mistaken, just on the tour bus going through music. He was listening to my album and the beat for "I'm On" came on and he was like, "Man, I gotta get to that beat!"

"I used to have dark nightmares/bright lights/Daytime bus passes now its night flights/I used to have a poor man swag/now its priced right. Always wanted a piece of the pie/now its sliced right." - Trae, "I'm On"

I love that line from the song because that was realistic. [A while back] I used to be happy to get them [bus] passes, you now? Now we flyin' it out. There was a time we was going through everything. Now its bright lights as far as jewelry and the lifestyle itself. I had the poor man swag [before]. You know, we was back there wearing the flea market T-shirts with Bart Simpson on it. Now we're wearing finer things.

You can expect Street King to be one of the most realistic, in-depth albums that you've heard in a minute. It's bringing good music back. [I've realized that] music overrides everything. If you're making good music, people tend to come around. This album is just bringing good music back.

Listen to "I'm On" below:

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