5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Summer In Kingston": "This Record Is Going To Get You Laid"

Monday, Jul 18, 2011 1:35PM

Written by SOHH for Shaggy

[With the new Summer In Kingston set to hit retails shelves tomorrow, reggae star Shaggy gives you his Top 5 reasons to dig in those pockets and support his new EP.]

1. Sweet Jam

Reason number one. It's called Summer In Kingston. Now who don't want Summer In Kingston? You know what I'm saying? The vibe is different. I'm a different person right now and when you listen to a track like "Sugarcane," it feels very tongue-in-cheek. All of my songs have that tongue-in-cheek feel to them where there's a little bit of humor to it. "Sugarcane" feels like summer, a good time. That's what I was trying to accomplish on this record. I wanted to bring back that good time feeling.

2. Ya Feel Me

It's a feel good record. So when you put that in, within those tracks, it's going to make you smile, it's going to get you out of your sorrows. Just from the title itself, you could tell it is feel good music. You want to make sure that when people put it on, it's a pleasant feeling. You don't want people to put it on and they feel bad. That went into the selection of the tracks.

3. The Ladies Man

Reason number three? This record is going to get you laid. It's the type of record that's got that love-making music on there. We start going into topics that makes you want to fog up your windows. Within the eight tracks, I think you could just put it in and roll with it and let it flow. You got tracks like, "Sugarcane," and when she hears that, "She likes the taste of my sugarcane", that's just the beginning of it. It's that humor. She's going to be like, "Oh, so you want me to, oh yeahh, oh yeahhh? You want me to taste your sugarcane, huh?" That's the icebreaker right there. That will get the smile on her face. It's humorous and a little nasty at the same time. It'll get her. That's that feel good.

4. The Art Of Story Telling

Reason number four why you should buy the record is because it's got these kinds of tracks on there that tells stories. There's songs like ["Soldier's Story"] that really talks about the military, what people go through, leaving your loved ones and all of that. So it's also thought-provoking.

5. Shag Me Baby

And reason number five is you're just a Shaggy fan and you want to put some money in my pocket. What other reasons do you need?

You Decide. Will you purchase, Summer In Kingston?

To buy the new album, just click here.

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Check out the EP below:

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