5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Raising The Bar": "There's No Singing, No MC's Trying To Sing, 100% Bars"

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011 12:50PM

Written by SOHH for Cold Heat

[With the new Raising the Bar album in stores today, Queens, New York duo Cold Heat's Jak Danielz and Johnny Walker give you their Top 5 reasons to cop their latest LP.]

1. Premium Guarantee

The number one reason is because if Raising the Bar is good enough for DJ Premier to scream over, juggle records to it, play it all over his radio shows, then it's definitely good enough for your iPod. It means everything. Preemo is also our man. It's funny because I was driving in my car and I have satellite radio, so to hear the record getting cut up, that's crazy. I grew up worshiping him. He's probably the greatest thing in hip-hop ever. I could put his beats on and listen to them forever without even needing words. That stands to this day with probably just about every beat he's ever made. -Jak Danielz

2. Straight Fire, No Smoke

The number two reason is because it costs less than a pack of Newports and it won't give you cancer. You can buy the whole album for $8.99. We wanted to make it something that's not breaking the bank or our people and it's just a fair price. It's something that you can pay for and get a lot of great music off of. It's cheaper than a pack of cigarettes nowadays. This album will last you a lifetime, a pack of cigarettes are only going to last you half a day. -Johnny Walker

3. The Food

It's definitely food for thought. It's for your brain. Raising the Bar will definitely make you think and ask a lot of questions. You can definitely learn something from [the album]. It's not just your normal run of the mill album. There's a lot of conceptual stuff on here that'll get your brain moving. I want people to realize there's a difference between being a grown-up and entertaining. You'll see both sides of those types of songs on the album. I really would like people to pay attention to the religion track. I really address my feelings on religion from a conceptual standpoint and I really think that it gives people something to think about rather than buying into what everybody tells them. -Jak Danielz

4. Family Ties

It has a wide variety of features, from legends in hip-hop to newcomers in the game. We've been doing this for a while. We chose to stay in the lane of underground hip-hop. Could we do commercial songs tomorrow? Of course. But that's not what we grew up doing or respecting. When we came into the game, it was a matter of respecting artists that we liked and wanted to work with. We've worked with these people on our past albums but the friendship we've built with these guys is beyond hip-hop. I can go out with Craig G for dinner or a drink and nobody's talking music. It's just day to day stuff. That goes for everybody on the album. These are people we see on a day-to-day basis that are like family. -Johnny Walker

5. Protein Bars

The number five reason is because this is absolutely beats and bars. There's no R&B hooks, no singing, no emcees trying to sing, it's 100 percent pure bars and beats. So if you're digging that, you'll definitely be digging the project. It was never about gimmicks with us. This is our third album. We have other albums we released in the past and we wanted to show growth as artists. I didn't want to sound like the same emcee every time. I wanted to show a different side with the flow and cadences. We just wanted to kill it on the bar tip. That's what I love. Bars. I want to hear people spit. I want to hear hard beats. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of songs with catchy hooks but the focus is about listening to the words and being analytical with it. -Jak Danielz

You Decide. Will you purchase Raising the Bar?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out a couple of the album's songs below:

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