SOHH Whatcha Think: How Can 50 Cent Resurrect G-Unit? [Click Here & Speak]

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2011 11:15AM

Written by J. Bachelor

No rap crew stays on top forever. At best, your squad makes it to the majors and from there, you've got a 3-5 year shot at selling as many records, concert tickets and soft drinks as possible. After that, the best and brightest of your crew might be able to squeeze out 2 or three more albums before they lose their steam and slip into the mixtape netherworld from which you came.

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It's f**ked up, I know. But you knew the rules to this game and decided to play.

With that said, one has to admire the persistence of a guy like 50 Cent. His G-Unit imprint has seen better days, but rather than close shop on his now-struggling label, the kid Fiddy pushes forward, refusing to see his brand go the way of other once-popular acts who fizzled into irrelevancy.

Curtis has the money. He has the power. His new attitude seems to be "Get Relevant or Die Trying" which begs the question: Can 50 Cent resurrect G-Unit?

Let's look at some of his recent power moves and see if they'll increase Fif's staying power:

50 Cent & Shawty Lo

Teaming up with Shawty Lo: Er, did anyone see this coming - Dre? Em? Stevie Wonder? Anyone? 50 and Shawty remain vague on all the details, but apparently Shawty will be signing new acts in a deal rumored to be worth about $10 million dollars. Only time will tell if it is money well spent.

Kidd Kidd

50 Signs Kidd Kidd to G-Unit: From the people that brought you twice-named acts like Gudda Gudda, I present Kidd Kid. Joking. But like Gudda, Kidd is a Louisiana native. Not the biggest name out of New Orleans, but he is developing a buzz. Will it be powerful enough to shoot G-Unit back to the top? I doubt it, bruh bruh.

A new 50 Cent album: Yikes. There was a time that artists would rearrange their album releases as to not coincide with Fiddy's. But ever since the famous 2007 Kanye/50 Cent album face-off, Curtis has been hard-pressed to recapture the selling power his records once possessed. It'd take a GRODT II to calapault him back into the platinum plus stratosphere, but don't count him out, he may have one more classic disc up his sleeve.

SOHH Whatcha think - Is G-Unit beyond saving?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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