"No Regrets": "This Is Probably Going To Be My Last Hip-Hop Project"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "No Regrets": "This Is Probably Going To Be My Last Hip-Hop Project"

Thursday, Jul 28, 2011 5:20PM

Written by SOHH for LikWuid

[With today's release of No Regrets, rapper LikWuid gives her Top 5 reasons why fans should go out and purchase her final hip-hop project.]

1. He's The DJ, She's The Rapper

The first reason, I would say it's an example of the new school version of the old school feel good hip-hop, if that makes sense. It's an ode to hip-hop. I'll put it like that. We took a lot of cues from traditional old school, boom bap hip-hop. The whole conceptualization of the project came from the emcee and the deejay pairing. We wanted it to be like it was back in the day. Back in the day you had Eric B. and Rakim, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. We wanted it to be just a full concept from beginning to end with the producer/deejay and emcee talking about these different topics.

2. Hot, New 6

The second reason, I would say it's probably one of my most cohesive lyrical presentations. It's universal in the fact that everything is discussed within six tracks from the male and female perspective. Every discussion you can think of. So it's universal. I originally wanted it to be seven tracks. I'm not particularly crazy about the number six. I know it sounds suspicious. We had recorded one track that ended up making this project six. It would have been five, which I'm cool with. Six tracks, it's half the number twelve which is pretty significant. You have the twelve Disciples, twelve months in a year, twelve inches to a foot and so I felt like this is only half of what LikWuid is. Hip-hop is only half of me. So six is good.

3. Off The Books

It's good music. Bassi Maestro is the producer and he's also the tour deejay for the Beatnuts. What he did musically and sonically is very unique but still very familiar. I think that's the definition of trend setting. It's taking something old and making it sound new. That's why this is good music.

4. Money Shot

Number four, it's unapologetic. It's very much straight forward and in your face. No Regrets is truly the theme and the feeling of the project. Check it out and see why.

5. Collector's Item

Number five, this is probably going to be my last hip-hop project. After this, I'm not doing any strictly hip-hop projects. At all. I want to experience more with soul and electro. I want to try a bunch of different things and I don't want to be held to a certain standard or boundary based on my immediate identification as an artist. I grew up on soul music, Motown Records, and a lot of gospel. So there's a lot of undertones of music with me. I've always loved house music. Hip-hop is just a part of my makeup.

You Decide. Will you purchase No Regrets?

To buy the EP, just click here.

Check out No Regrets below:


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