Underrated: "People Don't Even Realize 2Pac Was Beefing W/ Him On 'Hit Em Up'"

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Jak Danielz

[Bronx Bombers: This week SOHH is celebrating the borough that birthed hip-hop by featuring an entertainment personality naming a Bronx rapper they feel is the most underrated. After DJ M-Tri named Large Professor last week, Cold Heat's Jak Danielz crowns Chino XL SOHH Underrated.]

Chino XL (SOHH Underrated)

Chino XL's said some of the sickest things I've ever heard on his verses. If you listen to what homeboy says, he is crazy. For someone to look at Lil Wayne and be like, "He's got great punchlines", you should punch yourself in the face and go buy a Chino XL album. Then you'll really understand.

He's in that elite group of people who could write stuff with his pen that the average person might not catch up to in a lifetime. It's sad to say it like that, but people like Chino XL are prodigies in my eyes. Chino is a beast. I've been rocking with him since back in the day.

People don't even realize 2Pac was beefing with him on "Hit Em Up" too. Chino has been on people's radar since even back then. People have slept on him. You know what? He might be the one right there. Think about how long he's been slept on. I think I'm going to stick with Chino XL at the end.

The only other two people stuck in my head are AZ and Canibus. I think AZ has one of the illest styles to ever touch the mic and I don't expect a lot of people to keep up with him. AZ is a beast on the microphone. I don't think he's ever been given the shine he deserves.

I gotta give props to Canibus because nowadays, when I listen to some of his new stuff, some of it is mad cool but what he did lyrically was crazy. I know he chose to go after LL Cool J and everything maybe backfired in his face but some of the stuff he said, PHD's can't even comprehend. You gotta give that man his credit for the skills on the microphone.

In 2004 Jak Danielz teamed up with NYC graffiti legend and producer Johnny Walker (aka BL One - old school new york bombing graff legend from TMR crew, NYC) to form Cold Heat Entertainment. Since it's inception the Queens powerhouse has created a worldwide buzz through a blitz of mixtape, album and television appearances. Jak Danielz has made numerous radio appearences on college radio and Sirius Satalite Radio and XM Radio, including Shade 45 Eminem's Station and Power 105.1 New York.

Check out some of Chino XL's music below:

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