5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "NCAA Football 12": "The Tackling System Is Unbelievable Compared To Years Past"

Monday, Jul 18, 2011 10:35PM

Written by SOHH for Alex Howell

[With the new release of NCAA Football 12 flying off store shelves, the game's "Road to Glory" EA Sports designer Alex Howell gives you his Top 5 reasons to tackle your closest retail outlet.]

1. Bigger & Better Than Before

I would say a huge reason you should buy NCAA Football 12 this year is the tackling. We fixed the defense, so with that, we fixed the tackling. The new tackling system we added in is absolutely amazing. You used to have these animations that wouldn't trigger until you were about a yard away from the player and we called that "suction tackling". The animation was triggering actually before you got to the player. So if somebody is blocking a [defensive midfielder] and you're running around them, you might be suctioned into their block because the animation's triggering too close. We completely fixed that. So with the new system we put in, it's point on point animation. The animation will not take place until you are right next to the person. So with that, it fixed the running game, it fixed the blocking and it fixed the tackling. And on top of that, we added three times as many tackle animations. So the tackling system is unbelievable compared to years past.

2. High School High

The second reason is the whole "Road to Glory" experience. In "Road to Glory," you take a single player and take them from high school to college. In years past, it was a mode that we didn't really pay attention to. But this year, we paid a lot of attention to it. So in high school, you can play a full senior year. You can play from seven games up to eleven games with the playoffs included. But the coolest thing about high school is you can import your uniform, you can import your stadium. Everything from the team builder web page we have online for you to create your teams. You can do that to import those teams into your high school games and basically recreate your senior year with all of your team uniforms and everything. That's a really cool part about recreating your senior year. We have a brand new recruiting system in "Road to Glory" that actually recruits you based on your location in the United States depending on how well you're playing which is really neat.

3. All We Ask Is Trust

The college point of "Road to Glory" is a bit different. If you come to a team as fourth string, you're going to be fourth string. You're going to have to practice and fight your way to an actual position battle with the next player to actually get playing time. With this playing time, it's a point system that I created. The more good things you do, the more points you get but the more bad things you do, it takes those points away. It's called "Coach Trust". So with this "Coach Trust", you have to get a certain amount of trust from the coach before you can get a position battle. So it's kind of like real life. You have to have a certain amount of points to get to the next level. But it doesn't end there. Once you become a starter, by the end of your first year, all those pre-playing abilities like audibles and hot routes, you have to prove to the coach you can use that. So the more "Coach Trust" you get, you start unlocking new abilities like hot routes, calling your own plays from the line and all sorts of stuff you can earn.

4. Look At Me Now

A fourth reason is all of the traditions we added in this year. We had every single awesome runout that you could think of, like a sports eagle flying around the field, Chief Osceola coming out from Florida State marching down the filed throwing a spear. You have all sorts of great traditions that you get from college football that we put into the game. Showing those entrances to the pre-game and showing all the mascots and all the animals, that really puts a new layer of depth into the game by itself. We have this three pillar system with the sights, the sounds and the gameplay. The sights is always our number one, plus "Seeing What You See On Saturday", is what we wanted to put into the game. Those mascots and traditions each school has is just as much a part of the game on Saturday as it is with the school as a whole. The fans may not be able to go on the field or they may forget a player after they've gone off from college but those traditions will always be there on Saturday. You'll always see the players touching the statues before they walk in. It's a part of the game you'll definitely see this year.

5. The Dynasty

The fifth reason has to be all of the new additions that we added to online dynasty. You have the "Coaching Carousel". That's a really big one. With "Coaching Carousel", it puts that new dynamic like the flare it has to it now in college football. So if one coach leaves and goes to another school, somebody is going to come and take his spot. And someone is going to come and take that one's spot. We put in a cool new system that does that. It starts you out at a low position, as an offensive or defensive coordinator only calling offense or defense at a small school and then you can build your way up every year. There's new contracts from other schools, all sorts of new dynamics added into the "Dynasty Mode." That's actually a huge part of "Dynasty" this year. There's also custom conferences which gives you the power to control who's in it and not.

You Decide. Will you purchase NCAA Football 12?

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